You don’t have to agree with Ann Coulter, but you admire her willingness to take on a hostile interviewer, or in this case, four hostile interviewers.

Hat tip and more:  Gateway Pundit

[The View] jumped on Coulter like a pack of wild animals and were totally unwilling to to give her the decency to argue her point without interrupting.
What a disgrace.
Coulter clocked them.

What some people will do to hawk a book.   However, I think four against one was a mismatch,  Blondie had the majority of the working grey cells.

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2 Responses to “Blondie Versus the View”

  1. I think you’re being generous.  I agree that the interviewing format has to be tough with four people trying to chime in and ask questions, but Coulter has never presented herself anything other than condescending and snide.  The fact is, she couldn’t dignify her claims (not that she ever can in her books) with sound social science research.  Believe me.  That MAKES a difference.  And granted, she sells books, but I figure that it all comes from a pretty dedicated base on the right.  It’s not like they’re buying her stuff for its scholarship.  Tall blonde in a tired black dress equals just enough eye candy.  NOW, if she had people regarding her work as sound and well articulated, then sway me.

  2. That sounds rather Jim Carville-like to me, Dee.
    As in, all you’d need is $20, and it’s amazing what you can find at the trailer park…