Eric Florack on January 6th, 2009

Welcome, one and all to the most intense nightly read anywhere on the sphere, BitsBlog’s Nightly Ramble. Holy cow, is there ever a lot going on the last 48 hours around here. Lots of web traffic for lots of different reasons, and lots to talk about. I said a while ago that Obama winning meant […]

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davidl on January 6th, 2009

Barack Obama, a/k/a BO wants bipartisan cover for his Raw Deal, Steven R. Hurst WASHINGTON (AP) — President-elect Barack Obama plunged into rare pre-inaugural crisis talks with congressional leaders Monday, declaring the national economy was “bad and getting worse” and embracing tax cuts now expected to reach $300 billion. But he also met with Republicans in […]

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Eric Florack on January 6th, 2009

Bruce McQuain over at Q&O has a piece up called: Hamas has no desire to negotiate “peace” The import of that title is manifestly obvious to anyone who’s been watching the situation for any length of time. Bruce raises a couple of points in that general neighborhood: Let’s be clear about something – while Hamas […]

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John Hawkins, Right Wing News, has up his “The 7th Annual “20 Most Annoying Liberals Of 2008.”   * I quibble with John number one, but do note that his award hinges on one Patrick Appel, who I blogged about last month. On the other paw, I do very much approve of John’s choice of eye candy. […]

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