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More Uncounted Ballots in Minneapolis Lose Franken 46 Votes


More ballots found in the Senate Race in Minnesota.

This time, those ballots… this time from Minneapolis, leaves Fraken with a net loss of 46 votes. [1]

Franken’s reaction? predictable as steam off the street in a summer shower:Denial. [2]

DFLer Al Franken’s campaign lodged a protest over 133 votes that it said could not be accounted for during the recount, at a possible cost to him of as many as 46 net votes in his race against Republican Sen. Norm Coleman.

Franken officials sent a letter to the secretary of state’s office and Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert demanding that the votes from the northeast Minneapolis precinct not be officially reported until a search is conducted for the ballots.

The reaction is understandable. They thought they had this one bagged. A story posted at TPM yesterday [3]

In a briefing going on right now with reporters, Al Franken’s lead recount lawyer Marc Elias made a stunning announcement: According to the campaign’s methodology of tracking the recount results, they believe Al Franken now leads Norm Coleman by a margin of 22 votes.

This would be the first time that Franken has claimed a lead in this drawn-out process, and was clearly made possible by the discovery yesterday of ballots in the suburban St. Paul town of Maplewood, which gave him a net gain of 37 votes.

Well, my guess is you’re not getting this one Al.