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  • First off, in answer to some email I’ve been getting asking about Gingrich and his comments about Palin… Look, gang, this is Newt playing position jockey. I’ve never figured he was more immune to such plays than any other person. Guess what? That’s politics. But then, too, I’d like you to consider that is in fact the flaw in government… and I mean any kind of government.
  • Turns out Chriss Dodd wasn’t the only “Friend Of Angelo” to get sweetheart deals while in positions of governmental power.  Take it to the Post Office.
  • Say, rather, Pig Ignorant Anti-Religious Bigot.  Let’s just say Cole dropped off my list of regular reads years ago. His attitude here explains why.  Idiot.
  • Donna and I rented a nice little suite for the night, for Saturday night Sunday morning. Been a long time since we did that, and it was worthwhile, to the point where we wondered why in the world we’d not been doing that all along.  Our anniversary, you see… Usually, we end up just taking the day off from work, usually making a small daytrip while the kids are in school. A nice drive and maybe some lunch at someplace we usually wouldn’t go… you know the drill.  Since our older boy graduated, we decided to make other plans. Having the house to ourselves simply wasn’t going to happen, this year.  And this one was nice.  Like all mileposts, it is something we’d looked forward to for months, and boom, it was gone.  Well, not gone, because it’s one of those times you always remember.
  • Speaking of mileposts, good lord… we’re only a couple weeks off Thanksgiving.  And Christmas/Newyears right behind that. Gotta consider what we’re doing with the turkey, this year. I’m considering a slow charcoal fire, this year.  Don’t recall having done that.  Is it just me or is this stuff going by faster now? Seems like I just broke the camper out of mothballs last week for the summer, and now I’ve got snow in my window. Neil Peart…. his politics are downright abysmal, but it must be said he knew what he was writing about when he wrote “Time Stand Still” Stopped clocks are right twice a day, I suppose.
  • I see Billy posted a few pics from South Africa at Two-Four. I don’t suppose I’ll ever get the chance to visit there.
  • Speaking of Billy I see him wading in on a post from Bainbridge, that DavidL and I have already spoken up on about Spitzer. The answer to your question, Billy, is ‘Rehab’. Do the math. That they’re being quite so open about making the attempt tells me there’s a lot going on here… more than meets the eye even, and that’s bad enough.
  • I see Spam is doing well, again. No, the real kind. I don’t mind the stuff… it grills well… makes a fair addition to kabobs, and makes interesting Chilli filler, in moderation. Donna can’t stand it, though. Personally, I’m still waiting for somene to figure out how to make used spam snot… that stuff they pack Spam in, in the cans… into some useful item, like Diesel fuel.
  • I see California’s weather is getting better, and so the fires are getting under control again.  It’s gonna take a few days to really get the situation in hand. On the whole, I’d rather have snow.  Which we have around here today, as it happens.
  • Winter depression settling in….
  • John Venlet  at Improved Clinch notes that Global Warming types should perhaps go in for remedial math courses. Yeah, well, at least that, John. I gotta tell you folks, this guy should be on your read list. Pleases me no end he’s posting again.
  • I see someone got knifed at the Urban Music Awards show. Seems to me I’ve commented on such happenings previously, here.  Several times, in fact. (And yes, I know, I left the search params wide on that by intent. You’ll see why… but if you insist on a more direct route, start here. ) Gee. A riot and a fight at an ‘urban music’ show. Who’d have thought THAT would happen, right? They’re all acting shocked. I suppose if they said they’d expected it the charge of ‘racist’ would be out before the echo died. But predicting riots at what amounts to a rap  music concert, is like predicting tthat the sun will come up in the east tommrow morning.
  • So, Obama is now saying Obama Says Government Will Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to Revive Economy…  Anything except getting government out of the way, right? Remember, he’s still on abotu ‘re-regulation’, as opposed to reducing government interference he plans to amp it up, which is a surefire way to make the problem worse.
  • Reynolds posts one the the stronger arguments I’ve seen recently that NRA memberships are not male exclusives.
  • Murdoch gets this one right, I think.

    “My summary of the way some of the established media has responded to the internet is this: it’s not newspapers that might become obsolete. It’s some of the editors, reporters, and proprietors who are forgetting a newspaper’s most precious asset: the bond with its readers,”

    It’s like I pointed out with AM radio, and Satellite radio, cable TV and Blogs… It’s not the medium, it’s the CONTENT. The Dinosaur media is dying because they’re too busy tiliting left at windmills. It’s really that simple.

  • NASA and global warming: The Wrong Stuff. Nice to see them admit it, but frankly it strikes me as more than likely that the reason this actually got as far as it did was because it mathces the meme someone wants to project.
  •  There’s lots going on with this Hillary Clinton/Secretary of State deal, some of which we’ve already explored. The one thing that keeps coming up though that nobody has denied is that a Sec’ty of state role does effectively block her aspirations for the White House. The blockage is more psychological than anything else, I suppose, but let’s face it; the last time anyone made that leap was President Buchanan.  Possibly the reason why we’re so reluctant to elect former Secretaries of State to the White House is Buchanan was so gawd-awful as President. (A Democrat, of course. And he thought the war of 1812 an “unnecessary conflict”. He found out otherwise when the Brits landed at Baltimore. Sound familiar?)   Anyway, I can’t help but think this dead- ends her, and removes a problem for Obama in 2012. Thing is, I can’t help but think she knows this history and, in her typical ‘laws involving mere mortals don’t apply to me’ attitude,  thinks she can rise above it all.  She could possibly run in ’21, I wouldn’t put it past her..but I have my doubts she’d actually win against a sitting Presdient Obama… though a Republican… a CONSERVATIVE Republican, might.
  • The UAW bailout (for so it is, really) proceeds apace.
  • Maybe, Radley… but out here in reality, particularly when Democrats are the subject, things don’t work that way.
  • Ann Althouse correctly points out there’s no mandate for Obama. Interestingly, she voted for the guy. I sense buyer’s remorse is already settling in here.

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