I almost hope Obama wins so I can stop hearing about how evil the GOP is. I’m sure that’s part of the media/Dem plan, though.

That’s a comment I just picked up over at Q&O.

Frankly, though, the source is inconsequential, since it’s a sentiment I’ve been hearing quite a bit of the last few days and weeks.

First off, at the risk of invoking Godwin, I’d like you to consider Hitler, who continued jabbing his particular demons… the Jews… even though demonstrably they were no appreciable threat to his power.  The result of course was that by giving hate a focus, Hitler attained even more power.

On that historical basis, I’ll suggest to you that Obama attaining power won’t stop the Democrats from trying to stir their hatred. They’ll continue to try to intensify anti-Republican hatred. It’s all they have in the end.

Secondly, we’d better start considering our ability to survive as a nation, with an Ultra liberal in the White House and an overwhelmingly Democrat Congress providing no backstop at all.

Rick Moran’s “Can’t we all just get along’ comment’s aside, I have serious doubts about that.

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