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Obama: The Pattern, And It’s Implications

[1]Joe the Plumber. You remember the story. Obama rolls up to his house one day. Joe plucks up his courage and asks a question of Barack Obama, the subject of which Mr. Obama would apparently rather not discuss. Result?  Joe gets attacked by the press, the unions and the Democrats. In short, they try to pummel Joe into silence. The message: Silence all opposition.

David Freddoso. He writes a book asking the same question Joe the Plumber did, about Obama, and many others with it. He also writes well respected artciles in places like the New York Post asking questions about links to criminals such as Tony Rezko.   What happens when he tries to make an appearance on a Chicago radio station? The station is bombarded with threatening phone calls.   The  same one David Freddoso himself has been getting.  Oh, and of course the ‘fairness doctrine’ gets floated .The obvious message here is that Freddoso must be silenced, or at least discredited. The message: Silence all opposition.

[2]Stanley Kurtz, writes a book raising serious questions about Barack Obama, his historical connections to terrorists, to socialists, and to socialism. On that basis, he raises serious questions about his intentions for the White House. As with David Freddoso and Joe the Plumber, he becomes as with the target of goon squads trying to silence. him.  The message: Silence all opposition.

[3]Jerome Corsi. Another author who asks pointed questions of the same tone as Kurtz and Fedrosso.  He goes to Kenya to investigate reports Obama was born there. He is arrested and deported  by the president of that country… a man with ties to Barack Obama, at least  some of which are legally questionable. The message: Silence all opposition.

[4]WFTV reporter Barbra West… a former adjunct to Peter Jennings, and no conservative, she, in her polite and steady style asks some questions of Joe Biden… Obama’s running mate…the answers to which Mr Biden would apparently rather not discuss. Biden demonstrably lies in direct response. Rather than that, camp Obama turns the tables and tells the station they’re cut off form any further contact with the campaign, and suggests they may be cut off after the election, as well.

 “This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election,” — Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

The message: Silence all opposition.

Ya know, it seems like we’ve heard and seen this pattern before.  Say, for example, Hugo Chavez and RCTV, or if you’d like a more historical point of view, Stalin’s use of the Cheka, to eliminate all opposition. There are others; Mao, Castro, Hitler are prominant among them. It’s no longer a matter of words, that David [5] and Michelle [6] and a host of others have correctly pointed up, but the actions as well.

‘But’, I hear you say, ‘Obama doesn’t have the power of government behind him, as these others did!’

That’s true.

So far.

But think for a moment; Obama and his people have already shown their hand. What will they do once they do actually have the power of government behind them? Do you really consider that the silencing of opposition by government is a thing so far out of reach for people who have done what they’re already on record as having done?

In the interview mentioned above, and shown at this blog over the weekend,  Barabra West asked Biden about the obvious similarities between Obama’s stated policies and Marx.  With the obviously Stalinist response to all and any opposition, the question takes on a far more obvious and ominous cast. And the truth of the matter seems obvious.


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