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  • Tonight is the final debate between BO and McCain.  The obvious lean is for some serious fireworks to occur, but I wonder if McCain will go after Obama the way he should, on ACORN, and Democrat Voter Fraud Wright, Ayers, among other matters.  It’s all on him, tonight. I’ll tell you true, here…  If McCain doesn’t come out with some real fire, here, hang it up.
  • Oil’s down below $72 as of this morning. That’s a 13-month low, for whatever that tidbit is worth. I’ll blame Bush, I guess. I’ll point out, though, that this thing has gone down, pardon the pun, exactly the way I said it would. If I got it right trust me it’s a totally predictable situation.   But here’s a teachable moment as regards energy prices: I paid $2.60/gallon on the return from our camping trip at the local Indian reservation. The Cheapest I can find out here in the land of taxes is $3.40, with most stations still going for $3.60 or so.  Granted, that’s an 8 month low, but still… here’s the point; All of that difference is taxes. Meanwhile we see Iran’s reaction to low oil prices: Fear. Here’s why. Iran’s break-even price is $90/bbl. We’re already $20 below that. Now, most of that cost is their horrible upkeep slowing them down. The upkeep of their feilds is about what you’d expect from the Cuban transporation system.   For other OPEC members, the break-even price is a lot lower. So, Iran is falling behind again, money wise. It’s their own doing, of course, but they’d never admit that to themselves, much less anyone else. Look, gang, here it is; Domestic Drilling as a foreign policy lever. All we need do is keep the $/BBL to around where it is now, and Iran is totally isolated, even from it’s fellow Islamic states, whose per BBL costs are not nearly as high. Domestic drilling won’t make any difference? Don’t you believe it.
  • And yes, I know I told you I’d have some pics of that camping trip up. Sorry, I had a server issue at casa de Bit last night. Drive failure.  Once I get the server running propoerly again… it required a rebuild… I’ll be restoring the pics from tape, and we’re golden. Life, you know.
  • I see where the FBI has apparent begun its own investigation into West Palm Beach Congressman Tim Mahoney. I also see by way of the Washington Times, where they’ve now uncovered a second affair he’s involved with.Memo to Nancy Pelosi: Remember this was supposed to be about DRAINING the swamp?  And don’t tell us you and Rahm didn’t know about this. Why isn’t the GOP all over this one?
  • No more questions about Obama and socialist wealth redistrubution
  • I see Jesse Jackson can’t keep his mouth shut.  He’s managed to attach the usual anti-Israel tirade to an Obama presidency. Obvious question: Why will Jews vote for Obama? Is it an instinctive need to self-destruct?
  • Indeed, why would ANYONE vote Democrat? I see where Barney Frank, the guy who led us to the debacle with Fannie and Freddie, now wants to apply this winning touch of his to capitalism as a whole.  The sad part is there’s a number of idiots out there who seem willing to LET him.
  • I see Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in Canada have won again. The agenda that this huge win enables?

    $50-billion in corporate tax cuts and possibly big buck solutions to easing the credit crunch. The party also promised in the campaign to enact a tougher crime package aimed at young offenders in particular.

    A little annoying that the GOP here seems intent in ignoring the success up there in Canada and more

    Nancy Reagan

    Nancy Reagan

    particularly,  the causes of it. They actually come out sounding… and acting… like conservatives. Memo to John McCain: Are you listening?

  • I’ll leave you with a request for prayers and good thoughts for Nancy Reagan, who needs them.

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