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  • Remember Obama’s charge that someone at a McCain rally had yelled “Kill him”? Yeah, Obama’s been mouthing that tale as has the Oobama campaign people, otherwise known as the “Mainstream Media”… but ‘t’ain’t so, MacGee. Glenn notes that AP continues to spin this, in spite of the facts.
  • Yesterday, I commented on John Murtha saying that Western PA is racist.  Last night we heard Obama say that Joe Biden has ‘never forgotten where he came from’. Does that mean Biden is a racist? I mean does Obama just rattle stuff off because it sounds good? As I said this morning, it’s certainly looking that way, because when he’s forced to deal in fact and not just huge oratory, he doesn’t do so well. 
  • I’m willing to bet you didn’t know the second in command of AlQuieda in Iraq was killed the other day. Did you notice Iraq didn’t come up much last night? That’s because we’re winning, you see. Kinda hard for Obama to use that as a wedge issue, at least in the general election.
  • Mark Steyn gets this one right:

    One thing I liked about the Bush/Gore debates is that it was obvious both men loathed each other and they didn’t care who knew it. That liberated them, for good and ill.By contrast, for all the characteristically ponderous huffing from Bob Schieffer about “negative campaigns”, McCain was never able to cast aside the Senatorial collegiality and really stick it to Obama. Why couldn’t he have used the s-word – “socialism”? Why couldn’t he have said that his opponent is a perfectly pleasant fellow but he has an all but blank resume so all we have to go on is his votes and his associations and both suggest a doctrinaire liberal well to the left of, say, Bill Clinton? Why couldn’t he have pointed out that Barack Obama would be the most left-wing president ever elected in the United States?

    Steyn here, has correctly identified the disatisfaction most Republicans have had with this process. I’ve said it before, people, socialists simply do not deserve the ‘nice nice’ treatment. They do not deserve respect, false, or otherwise. McCain, in this case, damages his own case when he gives the left any pretense of respect.

  • Oh, and as for who won, my own comments of this morning aside, read what Sister Toldja has to say:

    By the way, you’re probably hearing a lot about how many insta-polls have suggested that Obama won with undecided and/or independent voters last night, but one you won’t hear oft repeated by The Usual Suspects is this one, from The Politico. They report that among those they polled, the all-important independent voters gave McCain a 9% edge over Obama:

    Voters are closely divided over which presidential candidate won the third and final general election presidential debate, according to an exclusive Politico/InsiderAdvantage nationwide survey of undecided debate-watchers.

    Forty-nine percent of respondents said that Obama won the debate, compared to 46 who believed his opponent, Sen. John McCain, came out on top. The three-point gap separating the two candidates was equal to the poll’s margin of error.

    Five percent said they were unsure which candidate had the better evening.

    Perhaps the best news for McCain is the rating he received from independent voters. Among respondents not identified with either major political party, McCain was judged tonight’s winner, 51-42 percent.

    Gee, I can’t imagine why you’re not hearing about that one from the usual suspects, can you?

  • I’ll also bet, and for the same reasons, you’ve not heard Oil is now below $70/BBL.
  • And I’m willing to bet, and again, for the same reasons you’ve not heard jobless claims are down, bigtime.
  •  Never let it be said that ACORN isn’t filled with quality people.
  • Speaking of Quality people, look up the name Isabel Chasarez. Particularly, look at it under a news search on Google.I’m not even going to put any links in this one. Do your own work on this. Notice that just about nowhere in any of the recounting of that horrible tale, is the fact that the woman is an illegal alien revealed. (OK, credit where its due… KBOI mentions it, but not until the end of the article.) I’ll bet we have people out in Oergon and Iowa ready to defend her right to vote, though.  (Hint: the USSC has ruled there IS no ‘right’ to vote’. None.)   Oh, speaking of that;
  • Drudge’s headline reads:

    SEATTLE: 24,000 Felons Getting Ballots, Despite Eligibility Questions…

    Hmmm. Are these the same people who claim to have the vote situation under control?

  • Interesting day on Wall Street. Market opened a little up, went from 8600 to around 8200, then scooted back into positive territory… around 8800 about a half hour ago. I’m letting my stuff ride, personally.

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