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John Murtha in Panic Mode

[1]I’d being doing a BO if I said that I was not taking this one personal.   Having lived through the Vietnam era experience, I have vowed to not to stand silent while reprobates, pictured, slander the American Fighting Man.

Via Jeff Emanuel, Red State [2], a memo attributed to the Murtha campaign:

Cong. Murtha is in a brutal re-election campaign. The “Swift Boaters” have put up a candidate from Virginia and have raised millions of dollars against Cong. Murtha. In addition, other 527s and the NRCC have spent millions to smear Cong. Murtha on TV, radio, and in newspapers. We need to raise another $1 million to compete. If you have contributed, thank you. We are asking all to MAX their campaign contributions: $5,000 PACs and $2,300 individual. We need money immediately


I love the smell of panic in the air.

“Swift Boating” means telling the truth about a politician.

Is it not ironic, that Murtha, has who habitually smeared Marines, is now complaining about being smeared.  Cry me a river.

I wonder how much good a million dollars will do for Murtha.  He most likely has near one hundred percent name recognition in his district, and his pension for being home the pork is equally well known.   The problem for Murtha is not that the voters don’t know Murtha’s record.  The problem is that the voters do know his character, or lack thereof same.   No amount of  adverstising can remove the bad taste Murtha has left with the voters.

There may be limits to much corruption Americans voters can tolerate.