I note McQ jabing at Sullivan again… and rightly:

Check out this Sullivan post entitled “The Press is asking questions”:

In other words: doing their job. And the McCain camp is appalled:

A senior McCain campaign official said the McCain camp was appalled that these rumors had not only been spread around liberal blog sites and partisan Democrats, but also were the subject of heightened interest from mainstream news media.

Now they’ve cleared the air on this – and good for them – what harm would it do to release the medical records showing that Sarah Palin delivered Trig on April 18 in Wasilla? This is not hard: there must be an obstetrician, medical records, and data that can easily refute this rumor. It is not out of the ordinary either: candidates routinely issue medical records. So let’s have them. And then we can move on.

Andrew Sullivan has no balls. Should be an easy thing to refute – surely there’s a doctor who’s examined Andrew and can release his records.

Interesting; St Andrew the incontinent is screaming louder about this than he was about the rumor about Obama’s not being an actual citizen. After all, all Obama hadda do was produce the paperwork.

Guess the question of someone actually being qualified to be president isn’t as important as who gave birth, huh?

And yes, I place them on about the same level, but isn’t that part of the point?

And that all says NOTHING about Obama’s relationship with Ayers, wich he’s still trying to bury. Any comment, St Andrew?

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