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Isn’t That Cute… But You Got It WRONG!!!!

Sister Toldjah: [1]

In a page 1 story on Gov. Palin [2], the WaPo headline reads: “Palin Links Iraq to 9/11, A View Discarded by Bush.”

Unfortuntely for them, they got it wrong – again – as Bill Kristol points out here [3].  Not only that, but in an update to that post, John McCormack writes that the WaPo tried to “correct” their error … and that they still got it wrong.  Bob Owens [4] and Tom Maguire [5] are both all over the Post for misrepresenting Gov. Palin’s remarks, which she delivered yesterday [6] at a deployment ceremony for Alaskan troops who are getting ready to head to Iraq.

Well, look, Sis; There’s only one way they could get things so dramatically wrong so very frequently…. by intent.