• The U.S. military has handed over security control of the western province of Anbar to Iraqi forces. BBCT: McQ Well, at least the leftist nutjobs aren’t saying anything about it, being too busy trying to Derail Palin.  Apparently there’s not much as much political profit in telling us once again how Iraq was a failure.
  • So, Palin’s daughter’s pregnant. So, let’s arrange a White House wedding, what say, huh? They’re already planning on getting married anyway… and raising the baby.  And by the way…. Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd that most of the complaints are from a crowd who considers proper neo-natal care to include Abortion?
  • Speaking of which, the leftist nutjobs are so busy pointing fingers, they’ve forgotten to point at themselves. Clearly what we have is a case of desperation on the part of the left.. they’re throwing everything they can at Palin… and apparenly truth doesn’t matter. I’m telling you, this stuff is going to backfire, come November… and sooner, it is to be hoped. And maybe backfire among their own, too. Look at the lengths someone had to go to get the truth into these morons.
  • I see Olberman has been yanked from the RNC coverage. Apparently, the foam in his mouth was getting to be more tha the producers could cover for.
  • Rove still knows what’s what. Plus, he has the courage to SAY it.
  • Biden, who never can keep his mouth shut, has said publicly Palin’s good looking. I guess that cinches it.  Biden has a grasp of the bloody well obvious.
  • Not as bad as we figured, was Gustav. Of course, without the locals actually planning and co-operating as they most certainly didn’t for Katrina, this could have been much worse. Still, McCain has ordered the intensity of the convention lowered.
  • Another point of interest with Gustav os that oil prices continue to drop.
  • Now, you’ll recall I mentioned the idea that sunspots caused what global warming we have and the lack of them would cause cooling? Well, gee……
  • I suspect that new Jon Voight movie might be worth seeing.  And Hollywood is PISSED about this op-ed the other day from him in the WaTi. It’s reccomended reading. Remember, this is a guy who appeared in flicks with Hanoi Jane.
  • Hope you had a great weekend… I’m going to leave you with a pic of the Bitmobile… an 04 Rainier with 50,000 miles on it. I spent most of the weekend detailing it, and I’m rather proud of the look of it. As usual, you can drill the picture (twice) to get the high res version, if you like.

    Bit's 04 Rainier

    Bit's '04 Rainier

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