The latest chatter I’m hearing is on Palin.

Sister Toldjah seems to have this stuff down, though;

Instead of breathlessly reporting on every news report that comes out, I’m gonna wait until it’s actually confirmed before I blog about it :)

Yeah, that seems the best way.  No sense chasing shadows on this stuff.

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2 Responses to “The Veep Pick for McCain: Palin?”

  1. Everything I’m seeing says it is Palin, but I haven’t had a chance to swing by the break room and see it confirmed on CNN.  (The union that owns the building have been Obagasming all convention).  Can you vote for the VP candidate without voting for the candidate for Pres?

    If true, I’m glad someone had the cajones to pick someone other than the ‘Usual Suspects’ in the GOP.  Hillary and her peeps must be PO’d.

    This Presidential campaign is very entertaining.

  2. @Fersboo

    Yeah, but here’s hoping it’s very SUCCESSFUL, too. This is one we have to win, I fear.