I’ll state this up front; I have no idea who Rogers Cadenhead is, nor do I much care, frankly.  But knowing something of the history of Alan Colmes, I can’t say I’m much surprised to find him in agreement with Candenhead when he says:

One bit of weirdness associated with Palin concerns the birth of her youngest child. As the Alaskan media reported, Palin was attending an energy conference in Texas on April 18 when her water broke four weeks before her due date. After this happened, Palin didn’t head to a hospital or even leave the conference, even though the premature rupture of fetal membrances is normally a cause for an immediate examination by an obstetrician, who will observe the fetus on a monitor to guard against infection and other life-threatening complications. Two other reasons for heightened concern were Palin’s age, 43, and the fact that prenatal testing indicated the child had Down syndrome.

Palin stayed at the conference and delivered a 30-minute speech, then boarded a 12-hour Alaska Airlines flight from Dallas to Anchorage, neglecting to tell the airline her water had broken — most airlines won’t fly a woman in labor. The motivation for all of this appears to be the Palins’ desire that the child be born in Alaska. Her husband Todd told the Anchorage Daily News, “You can’t have a fish picker from Texas.”

When she arrived home, Palin was hospitalized immediately and the baby was born prematurely after labor was induced in the middle of the night.

MichaelW notes this at Q&O and says, in part:

Aside from baby Trig suffering from Down Syndrome, the child was quite healthy at delivery and has been doing fine ever since. It is true that when amino leaks occur, the general advice of doctors is to get to the hospital immediately, but that is not always the case. In fact, when delivery proceeds within 24 hours of an amino leak (a.k.a. water breaking), the risks of any complications to the baby are quite low. Indeed, some women experience minor leakages, as Palin did, well before they are due without any complications whatsoever.

In Palin’s case, she delivered Trig well within the 24 hour window recognized as “safe,” and actually had to be induced because she wasn’t in labor. Moreover, she was in touch were her physician throughout the event, and he did not advise her to act otherwise.

As an aside, the accusation that Trig was born prematurely does not seem to hold water (no pun intended … well, maybe a little) since Palin was past her 36th week, and the definition of “premature birth” is a baby born prior to the 37th week of gestation.

Mike also says, (Doubtless, shaking his head in wonder):

It’s almost as if the Dems can’t help but to resort to misogynistic antagonism in dealing with Gov. Sarah Palin

Well, as I suggested the other day, (And I repeated those comnments over there)….

For possibly the first time in their lives they’re being confronted with a powerful woman who didn’t get her power from a bunch of know-nothings on a sympathy jag. And they simply don’t know how to cope. Or, maybe they just don’t like a powerful woman. Either way, what we’re witness to here is a fear reaction.

So, when we now see Colmes… (…who, even before he became an item in the political world, really has never been worth the air he wastes…)… comes up with a knee-jerk line in this way, I cannot say I’m surprised. It’s pretty much expected, in fact. The bottom line is, he’s scared to death, too, and doesn’t know what else to do. So, he goes instinctively down the road most familiar to him.

As I say, I don’t much care whose Cadenhead is, but that Colmes agrees with the fruitbat in this seems to me an indication of what I’ve always known at an instinctive level about the man.

Fellow Swamp Stomper Sister Toldjah brings up a few other points of light, being tossed at Palin, and says:

What this is all about to the far left more than anything else is the attempt at tearing down and destroying by any means necessary the compelling story of a down home All American Christian woman who grew up and made something of her life and who now stands in line to become the next vice president of the United States.  There’s not much to “pick at” in Sarah Palin’s distinguished record, so what do they do?  They attempt to degrade her and dimish her accomplishments on the basis of her sex … and her faith.   So much for “tolerance” and “respect” for differing views … especially those coming from a conservative Christian woman.

It’s well known that far leftists hate Christians anyway because they represent a moral standard the far left will never ever meet, and amongst political junkies, it’s well known that they also hate strong conservative women (Michelle Malkin can tell you a few stories about that). But we’ve never had a strong conservative woman on a national ticket, so now the country – and the world – will get to see exactly the type of people the far left are.    Whether the mediots document it or not, conservative bloggers will.  Yours truly, along with others, will be on the front lines in exposing them in all their bitter, clingy ugliness.

And that, I think is where all this is going. We see an awful lot, these last couple days, of charges that are at least uninformed, most of it slanderous, being tossed at Palin, in a desperate attempt to get something/anything to stick.  I can’t help but wonder what what point those attempts backfire on the Democrat party.

Memeorandum has much more.

Update: (Bit:) Apparently Colmes, slimeball that he is, pulled the article just as Whizbang predicted. They’ve got the screen shot, though.

Says Dan Collins:

So, let me see.  We’ve got Sarah Palin causing the Down syndrome of her baby who was actually her daughter’s baby whose big brother Track might have been conceived out of wedlock but who nevertheless grew up in a loving home where the parents were willing to make the sacrifices that that many children bring.  That’s really . . . mindbuggering, but apparently all of a piece with the cognitive dissonance that McCain’s choice has caused for those loving, caring, tolerant, inclusive, mentally flexible lefties.  Good thing they aren’t slaves to the mind-forged manacles of the kind of fossilized categorical imperatives that condition the right.

And these are the same people who think that digging into O!s affiliations with Ayers is too much?

Ain’t it real, folks… ain’t it real. I mean, are these leftists the same ones who consider abortion ‘proper prenatal care’?

It’s as I keep saying… this is a fear reaction from the left.

Addendum: (David L )

Compare and contrast how the lefttards treat as if sacred the five minute relationship between a mother and her abortionist versus how they are willing to second quess the relation between Mrs. Palin and her personal physician.   It appears that the leftards view any relationship between mother and physician that does not produce a dead body as fair game.

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