The official Democrat Party Veep Hit list: 

Bobby Jindal
Mitt Romney
John Thune
Tom Ridge
Tim Pawlenty
Carly Fiorina
Charlie Crist
Fred Smith
Eric Cantor

Blind-sided baby!

Sarah Palin gives the McCain-Palin campaign some leverage to attack Obama a several fronts.    Obama supports infanticide.   Palin is pro-life in both word and deed.   BO talks about change.   Palin killed the Bridge to Nowhere.  While BO talks change, Palin does change.    Palin has the bona fides to attack BO’s insane idea of five dollar a gallon gasoline.  

I don’t know how long Howard Dean will keep list up.   I copied it a bit after Noon EDT.

 Hat tip and more, Jim Geraghty, National Review.

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