At this point, I realize I’m belaboring the point. “Sarah Palin is an awful choice for a running mate,” I can hear you saying, “We get it.”

No, Benen, that’s us, for the 20th time and more, tagging you as an a manafestly unserious Obama cheerleader, and on this occasion we see you as, your words not withstanding, recognizing the serious threat Palin represents to Obama’s chances at White House.

In the words of the Bard,  methinks thou dost protest too much. Example:

I don’t doubt for a moment that Sarah Palin is a nice person and probably a competent Alaskan governor. But she also has the thinnest background of any candidate for national office since 1908.

What then, shall we say of Biden? Or, for that matter, Obama himself? Funny how you forget that for all the validity your ‘experience’ complaint contains,  she still has more executive experience than Biden and Obama combined.

Oh, I fully understand WHY you’d neglect to mention that point.  Just don’t figure on us ignoring it as you obviously do so as to make Obama’s case for him.


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