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Son of Hamas Leader Converts to Christianity And Moves to U.S.

John Hawkins has a story up [1] that you’re not going to hear from the Dinosaur Media. Wouldn’t want to offend our Muslim brethren, after all. Fox covered it, though. The guy’;s name: Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Jonathan Hunt interviewed him.

I’d urge you to go and see. The points Yousef makes are of a kind to ones we’ve made here, since 9/11 [2]. Mostly that Islam cannot exist for long in the modern world.

I believe that all those walls that Islam built for the last 1,400 years are not existing (sic) anymore. They don’t recognize this. They built those walls and made people ignorant because they’re afraid. They didn’t want people to discuss anything about the reality of Islam, about the big questions of Islam and they asked their followers, the Muslims, ‘Don’t ask about those certain questions.’ But now, people have media. If the father closes the door for his daughter not to leave the house, she’s going to go behind her computer and travel the world.

Not only is this hopeful, from our perspective, but it also explains some of the militancy we see from Islamic Extremists. What we are seeing is the last gasp of the 14th century, people. I said in “Enlightening Islam”:

The very reason that those hardline Islamic states are so concerned about the insertion of democracy into Iraq is because they see ….apparently more clearly than we… that democracy, for all its faults, has one major advantage ; That it by its very nature injects social change, by way of what I will call “Social Darwinism”. Such evolution has no chance whatever under, say, a Saddam… but it DOES stand a chance under a Democracy. Under a democracy, the ideas and ideals of western culture will filter through, as they have every other place where Democracy has been installed. Japan, for example. South Korea. Etc.

This change will undoubtedly allow a more western attitude, and thereby will create the environment in which Islam’s Luther can stand forth. But this isn’t going to be a quick process. It’s going to be along slow and likely (given whom we’re dealing with) very bloody process, because changing hearts and minds is always the longest , slowest, hardest job there is. And, of course, that assumes we actually have the courage to see it through.

I suggest that this is one of the first steps to that end.

John has a lot more. Go and read.

Addendum: (Bit)Part of a note just now to Hawkins:

It’s clear to me that what we’re dealing with from the Islamic hardliners is a fear-reaction. It does much to explain the sudden outburts of violence over the last couple decades. It’s my take that this transition has taken it’s first steps, in Yousef.

The Genie, pardon the punny euphemism, is out of the bottle, now, and they won’t be able to stop it, though I grant they can slow it down. How much they slow it down depends utterly on how many of us in the west keep up the fight, and how many bend over forward in the name of ‘openness’ to accept the Sharia law these animals seek to impose on the world.