Ben Smith over at The Politco writes:

The executives of a gay sex site are apparently more concerned about the perception that they’re associated with John McCain than McCain is about the association with them.

The chairman of the board of Manhunt, the Cambridge-based hookup site, was forced to resign after reports that he gave $2,300 to McCain.

So, goose-step,  or you’re out, eh? The hypocrisy here is flat-out stunning.  Yes, hypocrisy. Think, now….

The group that spends it’s time (And our tax money) demanding ” tolerance and diversity” cannot possibly tolerate any diversity whatever in political views. It’s like Limbaugh has been saying: liberalism encourages diversity in everything except thought. Here’s a prime example.

Yes, I know what I’m implying, here by the goose stepping remark… indeed, I’ll say it flat out… these are Nazi party tactics here….. the only thing missing is the funny little mustache.

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