Neal Boortz this morning:

So Hillary Clinton will get her way … sort of. She wanted a roll call vote at the Democrat convention and she got one. Now her “historic achievement” will be acknowledged.

Wouldn’t it be fun … I mean I know it’s impossible … but wouldn’t it make for great talk radio if Hillary actually made a run on Obama? A lot of people are getting a bit weary of The Chosen One. There’s some buyer’s remorse out there, perhaps not enough, but some. This week was very telling. Putin starts his program of Russian expansionism, John McCain identifies the culprit immediately and calls him out – while Obama pulls his “why can’t y’all just get along” routine and gums both sides until he figures out that there is a clear victim and a clear culprit. Come on .. how about a little excitement in Denver!

Frankly, I think Boortz under-estimates the buyer’s remorse out there. I think Hillary thinks so, too. She’s hoping she can shake this thing loose. Particularly, I think she’s hoping, and perhaps rightly so, that the buyer’s remorse is strong enough in the delegates to turn this thing around for her. It wouldn’t take much.

Remember, gang…  this is the one who suggested she wouldn’t let herself be nominated. Here is a woman who does nothing in the political arena without a plan. On that basis alone, though there are more, perhaps many more, she wouldn’t be doing all of this unless she thought it would be to her immediate advantage. If she thinks she’s got an advantage, there’s one thing we can be sure of: The myth of a unified Democat party is about to be exposed as such, at Denver.

Update: (Bit) I see now Billy has his own unique take on the matter.  You know, there are times I think he may have missed his true calling.

Addendum: (David L)

Ok Mrs. Clinton has a plan.  And Senator Oldsmobile had a plan to get the other side of the bridge.  Remember, no Clnton has ever won a majority in any national election.   The aura of the Clinton politcal machine is a par with the Kennedy Camelot.

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