James Rainey, Los Angles Times, thinks that the new media has been wrong to tag BO has an elite snob:

We have reporters, columnists and TV talking heads to thank for exposing these outrageous displays. So apparently the verdict is in: Sen. Barack Obama, too confident to govern.It all would be quite funny if many people didn’t seem to be inhaling this multimedia stink bomb as if it were fragrant truth.

I’ve spent a few days on the campaign trail with Obama and know people who’ve traveled with him for months. I wouldn’t argue that portrayals of the candidate as occasionally aloof, or a little professorial, are imagined.

But it’s a long ways from, in the words of Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, acting like “the presumptuous nominee” whose “biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but rather his own hubris

Hat tip:  See-Dubya, Michelle Malkin.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Allison O’Keefe, CBS News, describes BO campaign plane:

Barack Obama’s new campaign plane is nothing short of grand. Well, for the candidate that is. […]

His chair has his name and campaign logo embroidered on the back top — “Obama ’08” on one line and “President” underneath. To one side is a small table stacked with newspapers ready for the candidate’s arrival. The table of the booth is always covered in snacks and cheese and is where Obama spends most of his time during flights meeting with staff and sitting for the occasional interview.

BO has taken a page out of Mrs. Clinton’s play book.  Mrs. Clinton strategy to win the democrat nominatin was to act if she already were the nominee.   Now BO is running for President by acting as if he already were president.   Is sure worked well for Mrs. Clinton.

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