• Look up the word “Idiot” and you’ll seeSt Andrew the Incontinent’spicture next to it. What would you say Andrew if you’d found him out on the course? You’ve have done what you always do; you’d have gotten all self-rightious about the injustice of it all, complaining that Bush is an unfeeling monster.  Let’s face it, Andrew… you’ll pounce on the guy for anything. Simply anything. I mean, we get it, your holiness. You hate Bush, with a hate that can only be matched by a four year old who’s been told that, no, he can’t play with Grandma’s teeth.  We understand. Now, shut UP, already, quit your pouting and go and change your armor. (Shake of the head)
  • I note CNN promoting an interview with Nancy Pelosi… in their words, the most powerful woman in Government.  Two thoughts combine to produce a laugh; One, being that CNN is bound to produce yet another softball session, and Two; That the most powerful woman in government should be such a complete ditz… and such poor example of what women are capable of. In her words, ‘we can do better’ than Nancy Pelosi, and it’s time we did..
  • Gasoline continues it’s drop… $3.85 now and falling. Michelle points out it’s been moving in that diection for 24 days, now. Can we officially call it a trend, and say I called this one to the very day? Crude oil, by the by, continues falling as well, in spite of the Georgia conflict, though how much faster it’d be falling absent that conflict seems an open question. ( I’ll get to the conflict itself in a minute.)
  • Feeding the birds illegal?  Meanwhile, the British Government has decided to pull the plugon Kidney cancer patients. Both of these from Blue Crab Blvd.  And we’re all supposed to be more Europian, huh?  I’m telling you, gang, this stuff is going to backfire, eventually. Personally, I hope to be far away when it does. It will NOT be pretty.
  • Clinton Backers are now looking to damage the DNC. Big shock. Me? I say “Go for it”. So much for the image of unity the Democrats have been so busy trying to project.
  • Tell me this ‘Clark Rockefeller’ guy isn’t a ringer for Elvis Costello.

    Why we never see 'Clark Rockefeller' and Elvis Constello in the same place

    Why we never see 'Clark Rockefeller' and Elvis Costello in the same place

  • Jen Rubin had an easy time of it, yesterday, writing in part:

    Tim Rutten, taking to task his own Los Angeles Times and other MSM outlets, writes:

    When John Edwards admitted Friday that he lied about his affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter, a former employee of his campaign, he may have ended his public life but he certainly ratified an end to the era in which traditional media set the agenda for national political journalism. From the start, the Edwards scandal has belonged entirely to the alternative and new media. The tabloid National Enquirer has done all the significant reporting on it — reporting that turns out to be largely correct — and bloggersand online commentators have refused to let the story sputter into oblivion. . . It’s interesting that what finally forced Edwards into telling the truth was a mainstream media organization. ABC News began investigating the Edwards affair in October, but really began to push after the Beverly Hilton allegations. When ABC confronted Edwards with its story (which confirmed “95% to 96%” of the tabloid’s reporting, according to the network), he admitted his deception. With that admission, the illusion that traditional print and broadcast news organizations can establish the limits of acceptable political journalism joined the passenger pigeon on the roster of extinct Americana.

    We also have the obligatory column from Clark Hoyt admitting that the New York Times was wrong, but denying that their reticence to cover the Edward story was the result of liberal bias. Yes, who could imagine such a thing of the paper which ran a front-page, uncorroborated story of the Republican nominee’s alleged relationship with a lobbyist some nine years ago?

    This stuff kinda writes itself. Yet, it’s as powerful a message, as powerful and indictment against the Dinosaur media as I’ve seen this year. And all Jen had to do was quote them for the most part. And they’re still denying a liberal bias. Not that I’ll hold my breath waiting for them to admit it. It gets better, too. Go and read.

  • Hey, Liz Edwards: Sorry, Honey… I’m not buying this drivel.
  • Sister Toldjah brings a pointed question:

    what if he had won the nomination, and here it is two weeks before the Dem National Convention? Would the Democrat party be furious with him for having the affair in the first place – especially while his wife continued to battle cancer, or would their main concern be “How the hell could he have done this to us when we are so close to taking back the WH?”

  • Speaking of such matters, Ace brings up an excellent point:

    It’s not yet clear that Brian Ross forced Edwards’ hand — it could have been pressure from the Democrats to resolve this before the election

    I’m not convinced of that myself at this stage. I still think Edwards was on the short list for VP because of his union ties in combination with Obama’slack of them, but it’s worthconsidering, since Edwards now amounts to major embarrassment for both the press and the Democrats (I repeat myself) going into the convention. My take at the moment is Obama will need all of his convention bounce to recover from this thing. EvenTalkLeft admits it

    “With each new detail, the John Edwards-Rielle Hunter saga continues to raise more questions than it answers.”

    Gee, guys… what the hell made you notice? They have a point, though.

  • The latest chatter I’m hearing is about the reason the Edwards thing got covered up by the press … The claim is it was done to keep Clinton off the top of the ticket.  To accomplish that, It was required to keep Edwards in play a bit longer, says Howard Wolfson. Had this come out when the press first knew about it, Wolfson says, Clinton would have been the nominee.  I’ve been dismissing these half-assed excuses from Clinton supporters out of hand, (Everything is always about Hillary Clinton, after all) but I have to say that this one… well…. It’s the first thing I’ve seen in the whole thing that makes much sense as to why the Democrat leadership and the press would go so long in not admitting what everyone already knew.  We know the press has been Obama-Bagged for some months now, and this meshes rather well with that fact.  Only problem becomes the rumors I’m hearing that the story was still being pushed, long after the fact by Clinton supporters…. we’ve discussed before how many of them there are at the National Enquirer for example.  Apparently, the one thing about inner party rivalries in Democrat politics you can depend on is they’re lying to you… one or the other, and likley BOTH.
  • One more point about the Edwards thing; Might the press’s advance understanding of the Edwards thing insofar as they were not telling us… might that explain the New York Times printing a rumor laden and unsubstantiated hit piece on John McCain last February?  Call it pre-emptive projection, the object of which was to muddy the water. Clearly, something got manipulated, there. For what exact reason is an open question.
  • Yes, the Georgian conflict continues.  And apparently, expands. Eighth Circle examines the ‘Blame the US’ arguments.  I think we can dismiss these out of hand.  Though I must say I’m concerned about our image, here, going forward. Georgia is calling for Military help on the basis that we helped THEM. What are the consequences to our national image if we fail to help them now?  OTOH, we have Putin claiming the US is already helping them. Clearly a paranoid, the stability of which should concern us.
  • I guess this is a guage of how seriously we can take the Senate run of Al Franken, if this is an example of his suport. Odd; He’s been billed for years as a comedian, yet ths is the first thing he’s done in years that even remotely laughable. One person… as in, count your nose… ONE person showed up to an event for him. One. Norm Coleman’s got an easy time of it, I thnk. Telling, indeed, given how liberal that district is, that a firebrand like Franken gets rejected so soundly at his own event.
  • Obama has offered Clinton the Keynote speaker’s spot.I hear Bubba was supposed to inro her, but now that’s changed, and her daughter will do that honor. One cannot help but wonder what motivates that change.
  • Let’s put this oil business into perspective, by way of a quote from Power Line:

    We’ve written about the fact that the United States has by far the largest known oil shale deposits in the world. In fact our Rocky Mountain oil shale is believed to amount to as much as two trillion barrels, far more than the entire world has consumed since oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in the 19th century.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats have been able to place these vast reserves off-limits.

    Says it all, that does.

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3 Responses to “Nightly Ramble:We GET It, Andrew; Gas Down Again;Rain; Oh,Reille?; More”

  1. My take at the moment is Obama will need all of his convention bounce to recover from this thing.

    I’m wondering if Obama will be able to score much bounce in the midst of this accelerating avalanche of disclosures about the not-so-very-secret life of Edwards and the company he and his campaign finance chairman keep.

    Enquirer people say they have lots more tidbits to sell now that they’ve finally gotten everybody’s attention.  Why hold it all ’til the convention’s over when so many “enquiring minds want to know” right now?

    Considering Altman’s — and you say other Enquirer principals’ — support for the Clintons, I’m beginning to think of all this convention-eve Edwards-Baron-Hunter-et al. pile-up as (the first volley of?) Hillary’s Revenge.

    The conventional wisdom all along has been that, failing to capture the nomination herself, Hillary’s best bet is to wreck the democrats’ White House chances this cycle so as to position herself for a 2012 run.  Looks like she may be getting a little help from her friends.

  2. Well thought, Linda, and I tend to agree.
    At the least, Obama is forced, as the Clintonistas obviously planned, into picking a VP that isn’t as popular with the far left and certainly less popular with the unions.


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