These Nightly Rambles are all things I’ve found during the day. I input them all day long and auto-post whatever I’ve collected at around 4 to 430 eastern. I put things in here that catch my eye but that perhaps do not rate a full post on their own.

  • Interesting…. and forgive me for a little pat on my own back, but apparently, I’ve not lost my touch. When I got forced into putting up a new style here at the Blog because of that Sitemeter nonsense over the weekend, I was rather in a hurry with the CSS. I’ve still not got the colors exactly the way they ought to be by my eye. But if you look down the far right column, next to the SiteMeter icon, you’ll notice a yellow W3C icon. That only happens… you can only get that… when your CSS is rated “error free”.  Not so bad for a rush job, huh?
  • Have you noticed that the ones claiming the McCain ‘Celebrity” push is a waste of time and money, are invariably Obama supporters?
  • Yeah, I had an idea when Chrysler dragged out the SUV version of the Aspen, that a Hybrid would eventually follow. Interesting thing; The SUV is the perfect body style for the Hybrid given the size of the thing… as Ford and GM both found out. I’ll tell you this; The Yukon is my next ride… and very possibly the Hybrid version of that.
  • I see Nancy Pelosi continues to roadblock the path to our oil. No shock, for that. There are people trying to get around that though. Perhaps Pelosi needs replacement?  It’s interesting; Pelosi has always been so worried about what the rest of the world thinks of us. Perhaps a listen to Robert Bryce will be intructive, there.

    If you think that the issue of offshore drilling is only a matter of interest to American environmental groups and the U.S. Congress, think again. At last month’s World Petroleum Congress in Madrid, the blatant hypocrisy of U.S. energy policy—demanding that OPEC members expand their oil drilling efforts while restricting offshore drilling here at home—was a prominent topic of discussion. Indeed, the U.S. ban on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf was mentioned by three of the most powerful people in the global energy business: the head of OPEC; the chief executive of Brazil’s national oil company, Petrobras; and the Saudi oil minister. All of them said the United States should start drilling in its offshore areas.United States could do to lower oil prices. He mentioned three things: stabilize the value of the dollar, increase energy efficiency, and “open up your exploration. In Algeria, we have a bidding round going on. We are open. The U.S. also needs to open…offshore Florida, offshore Alaska, need to be opened to exploration.”

    From everyone’s angle… including that of the parts of the world whose opinions they so highly value… the Democrats are wrong on energy. The best thing you can do for the country, Democrats… is get the hell out of the way.  They won’t, of course… and the result is that the Iraqi governent is by far more effective than our own Congress. Interesing, given that Nancy’s been busy complaining about how disfunctional the Iraqis have been. What I find fascinating about all of this, is what the consequences of this roadblocking of the Democrats will be… vs what they think it will be.  can the Democrats possibly be so blind to what this is costing them in terms of support? Look, She knows that if drilling comes to a vote she’ll lose, which is why she’s playing this stonewalling the thing the way she is. She knows her current position is about as popular as the latest 8-track player. So, she’s got to know that when the voters et the chance, she and the rest of the Democrats in swing states are history.  If she’s got a pulse, she’s got to know this. So why isn’t she changing direction? Maybe it’s like the deer in the headlights; They’re uncertain how to react to this new reality. Or maybe they’re running a play here. I see Obama’s suppsoedly set to release his ‘energy plan’ shortly. Oughta be good for a laugh.

  • Oh, by the way… as I watch this busienss with Obama and Tire pressure unfolding… Isn’t it odd that the Democrats didn’t start in with Tire pressure when lack of it was what was causing those SUV tire failures and roll-overs? I guess it was easier, back then to blame the SUV design itself., at the time. Now that’s no longer an advantage, we’re suddenly to take tire pressure seriously.
  • Seems Al Qaeda finally announced the death of Midhat Mursi al-Sayid Umar at the hands of the US. Why are we not cheering this useless slug’s death?
  • Political progress in Iraq. Do you being to understand how out of touch the Democrats are on Iraq?  says Tigerhawk, yesterday:

    …it seems to me that Obama’s official pronouncements on Iraq reflect a denial about the very much changed situation there that would provoke contemptuous jeers (or at least tough questions) from the press if it were the McCain campaign that was so out of touch.

    Agreed. And just as certainly, Obama himself would be all over it, too. As with our energy situations, the differences between the Democrat party’s position and the reality of the situation is so wild a variation that few could miss it. Might this be why Obama finds his lead disappearing?

  • I mean, look; Not that it means a lot just yet, but I see Rasmussen has McCain leading.  Perhaps that would explain Obama trying to get all blue-collar-populist on us. He doesn’t do it very well.  And anway, the left, as I pointed out yesterday, is now less than happy he’s even considering drilling for oil. Amazing. But think about this; The last polling I saw was that around 75% of Americans think it’s past time to start drilling. Given the 50./50 nature of our current political races that means that around half the Dmeocrats think their party is in the wrong on the subject.  Remarkable.
  • Don Surber notes that today is the eighth anniversary of Bush’s acceptance speech. Says Don:

    My criticisms of Bush 43 are many. He should never have signed the anti-First Amendment bill — McCain-Feingold — into law. His refusal to crack down on earmarks cost Republicans big time. And he took his eye off the Iraq War in 2005.But he stood strong and he restored honor and dignity in the White House. He has endured some of the worst abuse from the Left and its enablers — Al Gore’s loony attempt to litigate the election was rewarded with a Nobel Prize. Bush has repaid his critics with kindness instead of finger wagging. His wife has not made paranoiac claims of conspiracy.

    Indeed. To my mind it says quite a bit about the man that he has been able, all this time to remain gracious in the face of the loony bin he’s been subjected to on his left. Given what he’s managed to get done despite the level of opposition he had, I suggest he’s been among the most effective presidents we’ve ever had. Not that I agree with all the things he’s accomplished, mind, but there it is.
    The one thing a Bush presdiency couldn’t overcome, alas, was a Democrat Congress. The last two years ahve seen the effects of that Congress, with economic issues, and fuel shortages… all of which started at the 2006 midterm elections.

  • Yeah, I know; I’ve been promising Matt’s vids of the Thunderbirds. We got him a new computer, and he’s till figuring it out. We’ll get there.
  • Is Edouard going to turn into a hurricane? If it does where does it go? Houston seems a likely target.  Hot down there today. I see Dallas is showing in the 110 degree range. That streches all the way up to the PK panhandle. Of course the whole thing will get blamed on Global Warming… I’m just waiting for Obama to say it the first time, hoping he will. I’ll tell you the biggest concern there, though is the oil platforms in the gulf, and the refining capacity in the area. Anotehr argument for building refining capacity eslewhere. And that means reducing the roadblocks.
  • I see Peru is having some problems with it’s livestock. Apparently Global warming again. Yep, that’s right, it’s too bloody COLD. Another indication of the accuracy of the purvaors of the “global wamring” crisis.
  • Meanwhile to the yawns of nearly everyone Gloria Stienem has come out for Obama.  Why is this news?
  • The Wall Street Jouranl has dared to ask a question nobody else is asking? What are these ‘windfall profits’ we’re hearing Obama wants to tax?
  • I’m planning on being on the shores of the St. Lawrence River the evening of the 15th, and for the weekend. Maybe the sun will be out long enough to get a few snapshots off.  Ah, something to look forward to; a weekend of woodsmoke, and watching the boats glide by. It’s the longest trip we’ve made with the trailer so far.  It’s suppsoed to rain around here, Tuesday through next Sunday. I don’t care, so long as it gets it out of it’s system by the 15th.

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