• Another First place at OTB’s Caption Contest. Two weeks in a row, now.
  • Did you really expect better out of Klein, Billy? Really?
  • Oh, and while I’m thinking of you, Billy, I more than grant that the seperation between laws an men is problematic, and just downright stupid. That said, there’s a lot of problems going both ways, here. Allowing Juries to rule on the validity of a law,  for example, that way lies the OJ Simpson verdit. On the other hand anyone who thinks we are not a nation of laws derived by men, should be seriously watching the arguments surrounding the ‘Fairness Doctrine’… which granted, a jury will never touch. But there it is; the concept of laws being faultless laid bare for all to see in all it’s ugliness. 
  • John Hawkins has given BitsBlog an unexpected and much appreciated honor: Bitsblog is Blog of the day at the Conservative Grapevine.
  • The girl’s still got it. Actually, if you want the honest truth, the look she has now, she reminds me rather strongly of someone I was steady with, 30 years ago. And trust me, that’s a compliment.
  • And I’ll bet California folks still wonder why businesses are busy looking for the exits.
  • So, Michelle says the Detroit Mayor is being alloed to show up at Denver without his monitoring equipment.  Wouldn’t want to make him out a criminal or anything. Personally, I’m thinking a particularly welcome sight would be him posing with Obama. You suppose soemone could arrange that?
  • That John Edwards thing has taken a strange turn. Turns out there’s a little background… and we find it, of all places, at ESPN.
  • Speaking of Edwards, Dan Riehl notes that the effort to protect Edwards goes on, even after his admission. I urge you to read the thing at Dan’s. Let’s just say it’s typical Democrat party politics.
  • So, apparently Alter isn’t offended by people challenging someone’s patriotism, anymore, huh?  I suppose he’s playing to the audience. No, I really don’t expect better of either of them… even though the both of them were on the front of the line with tar and feathers to hand for challenging the patriotism of some key Democrats who acted against our country. Did they think nobody would notice the double standard?
  • Note to Glenn Reynolds, last night:

    There’s a reason The Toyota Corolla gets no respect… They are the kind of car you drive when you don’t really like to drive, and you’d rather not.

    Perhaps that’s why they and other more utilitarian cars such as the Prius… sell so well among liberals, who these days always feel guilty about driving, anyway. It would have been ideal to run a comparison between such types and Terry Box. The two will NEVER see eye to eye because Box, being uncontaminated by the guilt syndrome the Al Gores of the world saddle American drivers with. LIKES to drive.

    That, you see, is the difference between the performance car driver (And dare I say it, in a lot of cases, the SUV driver), Vs the econobox driver, or the Prius driver. Anything more than the Corolla is considered “excessive”. It’s nonsense, but I’ve always considered guilt about driving to be utter nonsense, anyway.

  • Here we go again, with Media Matters taking the lead this time, pushing the meme that the only reason Obama might not get elected is we’re all racists. Of course, another way of looking at this is that being racist is the automatic knee-jerk reaction offered to any objection to Obama, anymore. Apparently because the Obama folks have nothing to offer to the specifics within  Corsi’s book, “Obama Nation”,  they offer the race card instead, offering up crap like:

    “We are aggressively attacking the factual errors in this book, and making sure that everyone knows about the deeply offensive things Corsi has said that will give readers of any political affiliation pause and ample reason to question the lies he’s written,” Tommy Vietor, an Obama spokesperson, said in a statement.

    “This book is nothing but a series of lies that were long ago discredited, written by an individual who was discredited after he wrote a similar book to help George Bush and Dick Cheney get re-elected four years ago. This is his attempt to perpetuate those politics for four more years. The reality is that there are many lie-filled books like this in the works, cobbled together from the internet to make money off of a presidential campaign. We will respond to these smears forcefully with all means necessary.”

    (BBCT: Armbinder)  Clearly, the intent is to try to discredit the man, but from what I’m seeing nobody is offering anything specific. Interesting, given this was the same tactic the guano-crazy left used in their attempt to defend John Kerry. Apparently, they think the tacic didn’t work last time because they weren’t yelling loud enough.  They must figure Obama being (Half) black is a better defense. All of which means they never did admit to themselves that the substance of the book was their biggest problem then… and now.

  • Finally, WordPress software updates this weekend. A few bugs to squish. Outages should be minor enough you won’t notice them, but you never know.
  • Where's my KITTY LITTER?

    Where's my KITTY LITTER?

    The Photo of the day is one I used on the old Blogspot site years ago. I ran across it this morning and busted out laughing all over again, and thought I’d share it. Have a great weekend.