• It’s August, already? Where the hell did July go?   2/3rds of the summer is gone and I’m just getting started on the stuff I wanted to do this year.
  • Honorable Mention at OTB’s caption Contest. I gotta admit, that one was easy.
  • I’m sure a man of his stature will not notice this, but I offer a BBCT and a hearty “Well done” to Rush Limbaugh for his 20 years on the air. Michelle notes this one too.
  • Still no news on the cause of death for Frederick W. Hutchins, the aid to Democrat Jim Webb. I should think it would take less time than this if the case was a clear cut suicide.  I remain skeptical.
  • Speaking of suicide, we now see Bruce Ivins took the shortcut out of the playing field last night. He’s the one the FBI figured out was behind all the Anthrax stuff post-9/11, after they stopped chasing Steven Hatfill.
  • I guess when it comes to diet, there’s two sides to every story. Ya gotta wonder what motivates some folks, though.
  • So, there’s a lotta folks a little annoyed, out in Hollywood, about McCain’s “Celebrity” ad of last night. Can someone please explain to me, in terms of Joe Lunchpail votes, how that works out to be a bad thing for McCain?
  • When even Hardball notices Obama’s numbers are dropping… Hey, I know… let’s have Obama play the race card… that’ll help, right? Oops… too late. Thing is, Obama shouldn’t be playing that card too much either… the voters he thinks are a lock, aren’t too happy.
  • That bit with John Edwards continues apace. Seems the child he supposedly had with what’s her name, has a birth certificate that doesn’t list anyone as being the father.
  • Yes, Krugman.. no doubt the planet can be saved… but it’s predicated on your getting off it, first.  The only hoax bigger than global warming “Climate change” (Insert latest Al Gore Rant here), sir, is you being taken seriously by anyone at all. Want a solution to ‘global warming”?  I’ve got one, and it doesn’t involve congressional roadblocks to drilling our own oil, either. Ready? Just shut UP.  Close your MOUTH. That single action will do more to reduce the earth’s temperature, than anything Al Gore has ever come up with. And, Paul? I’m being very kind to you, here. You can’t BEGIN to understand the contempt you’re held in here, anymore than you understand half the subjects you witlessly prattle on about.
  • They’ve found Water on Mars..  No evidence of life, yet, though.  Nor can they explain the global warming there. Must be those damned SUV’s we put there, to test for water, if you listen to Krugman.
  • Nancy Pelosi continues to be part of our energy problem. Does she honestly think the Democrats aren’t going to pay for this in November? There’s a lot of Democrats that are worried about exactly that.  I see her book isn’t doing so well, either. That doesn’t stop her and the Democrats from going home. Meanwhile, Michelle says the Republicans are calling on the Presdient to push a Special session on energy, to try and forse the issue. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.
  • But John Hawkins notes another wrinkle in Nancy’s pantsuit, that may force their hand:

    Yesterday, the fine folks over at Americans for Prosperity alerted me to the fact that the election issue of all election issues has been dumped into the GOP’s lap.

    You see, on October 1st, 2008, “the existing bans on Outer Continental Shelf drilling and oil shale leasing expire — unless Congress specifically votes to extend the bans.”

    What will likely happen, according to AFP is that “Congressional leaders will likely try to sneak an extension into supposedly ‘must-pass’ last-minute spending legislation.”

    In short,, dear reader, the Democrats are not only going to have to continue this stonewall act in the face of 75% of loters,  they’re going to try to take positive action to make sure we can’t get to our own oil. Personally, I will enjoy seeing them trying to justify this one. Can you imagine this kinda thing in an election year? Can YOU say “eEpublicans take over Congress again?”  John Says:

    So, take a look at what I have written and take a look at the letter the AFP has been sending around to Congress that follows and call your senators and congressmen, call your favorite talk radio host and get them talking about this, write your favorite bloggers, and email your friends. If the Republican pols on the Hill see that this is taking off, they will get on board, too, and it can change the face of the political landscape in 2008.

    I concur. Write. Fax. Scream. Holler. Raise hell. This is an issue of national security and should be treated as such. As such our country’s future depends on drilling. Now. Do it NOW.  The letter he mentionsis at the link.

  • And hey, Matt… a shout outto you. Does this mean you and Klien are going to stop shilling for Democrats, the party that brought you all the mess you describe?

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