• A first place finish at the OTB Caption Contest. Some of those things just wrte themselves.
  • I guess the New York Times does admit it’s mistakes. 50 years later.  Which ought to give us a clue about when they’re going to return Duranty’s Pulitzer. The priority, apparently, is getting Hell’s A/C working, first.
  • Oil steadied up a bit apparently in response to the Georgia thing. Perhaps some down movement this afternoon based on the truce called.
  • Americans aren’t falling for the global warming scam anymore. Hint to McCain: Maybe it’s time to stop placating the ones still knee-jerking over it.
  • Speaking of which, global warming didn’t kill the dinosaurs. The Dinosaur media, OTOH….
  • Evanston Ill has dropped it’s handgun ban. When the murder rate drops, don’t expect the anti-gunners to admit they’re wrong. But it will drop. Trust me on this; it has everywhere else.
  • In watching the discussion over at OTB, I’d say we’re about defining plagiarism down. I have to tell you watcjing educational types arguig such minutiae drives me buggy. Damn it, this is not a debate society on some campus somewhere… this has real world implications. Those are, that someone (Guess who) is trying to leave the impression that McCain is showing here he’s not ready for prime time. Well, that he’s unready for prime time may or may not be true, but if so, this isn’t an indication of it.  If this doesn’t seem ‘presidential’ to you (an ill-defined word at best, in context)  please explain to me how that’s any different from any president you can think of? They get briefed on subjects before making decisions. He’s working off what his support staff is telling him. That’s no different than any other president worth his pork rinds. this was a hastily prepared speech. Totally understandable under the conditions. And it’s not like the speech didn’t make a cogent argument. And by the way… how does one plagiarize facts?  You might complain that they Plagiarized the way those facts were expressed, but even there, there’s only so much variation that can be applied to that expression, or it’s no longer fact. The people pushing this argument are working on a case thinner Obama’s qualifications list.
  • Just when we thought there wasn’t any lower John Edwards could go on the ‘sympathetic’ scale, I see Edwards is trying to copy Carlivve’s trick of labeling Rielle Hunter as ‘trailer park trash’, more or less. Interesting since Edwards lives across the street from a trailer park. O’Rielly did a bit on that last night, and couldn’t find anyone in the park who had much good to say about the man. Ya know, there’s something of serrendipity with this whole thing.
  • I don’t know as I trust the woman as far as I can toss her, but Pelosi is now making noises like she’s be willing to vote for drilling. I’ll discuss this at length later this week.

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