I note this morning an article in the American Thinker by Thomas Lifson, that points to a subject I’ve been thinking about rather a lot of late… All around Slimeball John Murtha:

Rep. John Murtha’s disgrace in denouncing the Marines of the Haditha incident is not going to fade away gently into the night. William Russell, has returned from a tour of duty in the military and is running against him. His campaign has produced this video featuring Darryl Sharratt, the father of one of the Marines accused by Murtha of being a “cold-blooded killer.” His son Justin Sharratt has subsequently been fully vindicated, and all charges dropped.

Tom has a vid in the article you want to go see.

I wonder, though, if this is going to be enough to remove him from his office. After looking at the voting records of those in Murtha’s district… and looking at the amount of pork he’s been pouring into his district, one begins to think that Murtha would have to be photographed slicing up puppies and Kittens to make even the slightest change in his grip on power in that area.

(Aside; the phenom doesn’t seem limited to Murtha, given the exploits of “Cold Cash” Jefferson” and his subsequent re-election.)

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  I wish William Russell well, but this strikes me even with the misdeeds of Murtha, as an uphill battle.

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