A short while ago, my cell phone’s alert went off.  It was DavdL, whose mailnote to me had been forwarded by my mail server to the phone, as I programmed it to do some months ago. figuring if a site emergency came up, I’d know.

Tonight was such a night.

Sitemeter, apparently, has made some kind of unannounced change in their scripting.  The site was resolving on Foxpro, but not on any version of IE that I have working here.  Or perhaps IE pushed a security update? Nah… Not on a Friday.  To get the site working, I had to switch to the theme I’ve been working on. It was the fastest way I could think of to take Sitemeter down. The theme isn’t  done yet, but it’ll get us by.

Come to think of it, May as well make this a positive thing, get some good out of their screwup…I’d like you to comment, readers, and let me know what you think of this theme. It’s going to take some polishing up, but see if you like the basic layout, and leave me some comments on it? Thumbs up? thumbs down?

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2 Responses to “Gee, Thanks, Sitemeter”

  1. Sitemeter seems quite popular.  It was hard to find a site which ddn’t crash.

  2. I had to take the entire code off of my site for it to work.  A friend says it works fine in Firefox, but not in IE.

    I did email IE about this.  I can’t reach Sitemeter, I can’t even get on their site to find an email address.