Yes, I saw the speech last night. Let me be brief, because frankly, his dog and pony show deserves no more effort than that.

Obama, in the end, did and said nothing new. His speech was grandiose, certainly, but lacked specifics, except for a number of specific untruths, and illogical statements, which Surber does a very nice job doing examining.

Of course, the best indication I can think of that the whole thingw as a ball of leftist fluff, and not worth anyone’s time, is Sullivan, this morning, saying

It was a deeply substantive speech, full of policy detail, full of people other than the candidate, centered overwhelmingly on domestic economic anxiety.

And Olberman’s rabid defense of it against AP’s Babington writing pretty much the same thing I did in the second paragraph here. (Is there any doubt that these two are totally in the tank?)

The Astute Bloggers wonder if Obama hasn’t given something away he’d rather not have.

Addendum:  (David L)

The aforementioned piece from Charles Babington, Associated Press

Obama seemed to say, Bring it on, we’re sticking to our theme: McCain equals Bush.

The Obaam campagn seems either unable, or unwilling to change the direction of their campaign.   Either they feel they have a magical game winning formula or the bash Bush campaign the best they can devise.  I’d bet the latter.  BO has lost something like eighteen primaries in row.   On a hot streak, he is not.   The Obama campaign was unwilling or unable to tone down the Messiah aspect even after if has become the fodder for McCain campaign commercials and with BO slipping.  

BO read a great speech from a teleprompter lasta night.  That is what BO does well, read speeches.  Sadly for BO, the Oval Office does not come equpped with a telepromter.