DavidL's Breakfast ScrambleNew York Slimes:

Now that was a real nail-biter. The court designed by the White House and its Congressional enablers to guarantee convictions of high-profile detainees in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba – using evidence obtained by torture and secret evidence as desired – has held its first trial. It produced … a guilty verdict.

The military commission of six senior officers (whose names have not been made public) found Salim Ahmed Hamdan, who worked as one of Osama bin Laden’s drivers until 2001, guilty of one count of providing material support for terrorism.

The Slimes libels six good officers.  When I performed my jury duty, I took my oath serioiusly.   There is no reason to believe these six Navy officers took their oath any less seriously.  Note the Gitmo jury deliberated three days.  Compare that to the exhaltled Simpson, which deliberated four fours.

Bit Rambled:

Bill Clinton, championing Monogamy? Isn’t that kinda like Keith Richards championing sobriety?

True, but,  Independent(UK):

In an interview with the BBC recorded in Africa, Mr Clinton said that increasing support for monogamy was not just a problem for the continent worst hit by Aids but for the world.

“To pretend we can ever get hold of this without dealing with that – the idea of unprotected sexual relations with unlimited numbers of partners – I think would be naïve,” he said.

Ok, B.J. isn’t exactly the perfect messenger, but there is true both in the targeted scope and in the larger ramafications.   I fully expect B.J. to either deny the logical consequences of this statement or repudiate it outright.  B.J has refuted modern liberal gospel.  To wit:

All lifestyles are not equal.   In the United States the HIV virus, the cause of AIDS, is almost entirely vectored by stupid behavior.   To wit using illegal street drugs, having sex with other men, or for women having sex with men have sex with men.   Stop the stupid behavior and stop the spread of the virus.

BO’s historical thesis via Ed Morrissey, Hot Air:

“America is …, uh, is no longer, uh … what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children.”

FWISW, Ed also has the video posted.   Ok the Messiah has said that American was once great, but isn’t great anymore.   So was our country great in BO’s eyes?

Oh let me see, the country was born in 1776, however at the time we abided slavery.   So BO can’t be refering to any time prior to tha ratification ot Thirteenth Amendment, in 1868.  In fact I think that BO can’t refering to anytime prior the enactment of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Traversing in the other dirction, BO can’t be refering to the adminstrations of either B.J the Groper or Bush the Evil.

So what happened between 1965 and 1982 which made America great in BO’s eyes and what happened to end it?   Well prior to 1973, it was not a constitutional right to kill unborn children.  Is BO secretly pro-life?

The ugliest race in America, New York Slimes:

In the culmination of a racially fraught Congressional campaign in Memphis, a black candidate is linking her liberal-leaning white primary opponent in Thursday’s contest, Representative Steve Cohen, to the Ku Klux Klan in a television advertisement.


The advertisement for the challenger, Nikki Tinker, juxtaposes Mr. Cohen’s picture with that of a hooded Klansman, and criticizes Mr. Cohen for voting against renaming a park in Memphis currently named for the Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Ku Klux Klan founder.

Both the incumbent, Steve Cohen, and the challenger, Nikki Tinker, are race pandering bigots.   Cohen was the sponsor of the vile apology the House foisted off for slavery and Tinker compares Cohen, who is Jewish, to Sheets Byrd’s organization, the Klu Klux Klan, which as about as much tolerence for Jews as it does blacks, to wit none.

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