To bolster his rather meager political resume, BO had argued that hiss words, not his rather scant deeds, matter, video:

Simply put, BO’s only politcal success has been to win elections.  Yet having a skimpy political record for the voters to judge, the BO campaign is now atttempting to put BO’s words themselves off-limits as well.   Johnathan Martin and Ben  Smith, Politico:

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said McCain’s campaign was “misinterpreting” both the “tenor and the meaning” of Obama’s words. 

“I think they should probably be a little less paranoid about parsing every word we say and a little more focused on actually addressing the challenges that Americans expect the president of the United States to take on,” he

So if we were to play by BO’s rules, one we can’t criticize BO’s record, he has none, and two, we are now not allowed to criticize his words. I got any takers?

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