The hero of the day is Deby, Apples of Gold:

Blogger Problem PLEASE read

If you have sitemeter and us Internet Explorer, they are not working together and will not allow
you to get into your blog. What it also means that I cannot read any blogs with sitemeters on them.
THIS is a HUGE problem in blogspot land right now.
What you do is:
go to
log in
get to your dashboard
then layouts
remove sitemeter….

THAT is the only reason my blog is working tonight….
hope this helps some of you

Thanks Deby.

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2 Responses to “Blogger, Sitemeter, Crash”

  1. The programmers at Site Meter must not realize that there are no weekends off when you provide a service to thousands, tens of thousands or more people around the world.  Someone will have a lump in their throat once they know they have caused an issue effecting all of their java based users.


  2. Sitemeter now appears to be permitting IE to display web pages where Sitemeter code is embedded.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Sitemeter site itself is still getting blocked out and even if you apply the “restricted site” fix to reach from your own browser does not permit login as it says neither the login id nor password is recognised.

    Bizarrely a request for an id reminder for the email address associated with the account gives back the correct id in the email.