Yeah, I saw some of it last night. I turned it n last night just in time to see that thing under Bubba’s big red WC Feilds nose, say to the country what a great president he’d been.

My reaction: (gag!) Apparently Bubba doesn’t remember Somolia, where under his great leadership we turned tail and fled. Some leader, huh? (Click)

On thinking about it this morning, however, it occurrs to me that the really scary part about that scene is the number of people who agree with him; they think turning tail and running was the correct action.  Idiots, I’m afraid, are always going to be with us; You can’t fix stupid. Thereby there will always be such people, in some amount, but the question, once that’s admitted, is how to bring that number down to more tolerable levels.

I suggest and believe, as I have argued here for years, that the way to accomplish that is a concentration on reinforcement of the cultural values that made this country a great one initialy, the absense of which threatens us today.  The argument that Bill Clinton was a great president is simply not based on the logic as our culture has understood it for generations. It cannot be logically argued against logically, then, until we’re  most of us operating from the same culturally driven basis of logic.  In short, we have to concentrate on changing minds at a very foundational level. That takes time, my friends. And I wonder greatly if we really HAVE that much time in which to operate. My worry increases when I see spectacles like I did last night.


Funny thing; I mentioned this line of thought in last night’s Ramble…

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