Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t be changing the themes as often as I have the last couple weekends.

Thing is the last one started acting a little unstable, where the links were concerned.  I think I like this one a little better, anyway… The red was a little harsh… I tend to try and stay away from the shorter wavelenths if I can, for reasons of clarity.

This one took only a little time… perhaps an hour, to set up to my system; A lot less time than the conversion from the old Yellow theme  used to have. It also works with the comments a lot better… that was a major issue with the red theme.

This new one sill needs some work, but it’s pretty close… and a lot farther along to where I’d like the blog to be, than the old one was even with all the work I put into it.

The theme is best viewed at 1024*768. IE and FP both seem to work pretty well.


Update: (Bit)

Yeah, this works really well with what we already had. Those writing here will notice that while the tmplate still responds well to the text wrap tricks you’ve been using, it works pretty well if you use the caption framing provided, as well… something the Red theme didn’t do, no matter how I struggled with it.

And you know, that was part of the reason for the change… just so many little things I was putting up with that this one cures. Al, well, live and learn.  Next to change the collection of photographs that  rotates in the upper right. Low priority, but nice I can work on the lower priority stuff now. I was getting frustrated because there were so many high priority items that needed fixing. No more.

Can you tell I’m pleased?