I said last night that Obama was revealing himself as an anti-private -property, anti-capitalist socialist. From that thought, a couple of fantasy scenarios occur to my mind to help ilustrate this::

* What would have happened, had Obama been asked the question about his property holdings, and anwered that he’d have to check with his staff? THe most likely thing this far along would be that the Obama people, (Meaning the press) would be suggesting he didn’t know off the top of his head because “property has no hold on his mind”.

* * On the other hand, let’s say that McCain had answer the question with a strong “I own seven houses”.   Does anyone doubt that Obama wouldn’t be all over that like crazy on Dennis Rodman, saying “He’s rubbing how rich he is in our faces’? Does anyone doubt that Obama’s people… (Meaning, again, the press) wouldn’t be running that soundbite every 30 seconds for the next week?

As Marx himself discovered, inciting the struggle of class against class is a wonderful political tool. No matter which way the argument goes, it can be twisted to suit.

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