Eric Florack on August 23rd, 2008

You know, there is an argument in the idea that Biden may well have been the worst possible choice for Obama to make.

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Eric Florack on August 23rd, 2008

I mentioned that the right -siders were drooling at the prospect of having Joe Biden to kick around. As you can imagine, the feast has already begun. Here’s a few gems I found while doing my morning rounds. Powerline Blog, The Corner Don Surber,  Hot Air , Right Wing News, : Pajamas Media, Flopping Aces, […]

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Eric Florack on August 23rd, 2008

Steve Benen, frankly has never been one of my favorites. He’s always seemed to me too much an apologist for the out -of -touch -left. HIs history in terms of who he’s been carrying water for (TPM, and Carpetbagger as two examples) tells the story in my book. Today, at his new perch at Washington […]

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davidl on August 23rd, 2008

Jim Geraghty has said that all of BO’s statements come with exparations dates.  Well I quess that applies to campaign slogans as well.   Now Obama is set throw his promise of change under the campaign bus, Ron Fournier: DENVER – The candidate of change went with the status quo. In picking Sen. Joe Biden to […]

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