I’ve been watching the deterioration of Matt Yglesias for several months now. What is bols down to is the level of excuses Yglesias, or any liberal, for that matter, is willing to make to keep himself blissfully ignorant of the consequences of his politics.

Says he, today:

American liberals and American conservatives are both Americans so our American patriotism is very similar. We just have different ideas about politics.

Not so, Matthew. Not even close.. First off, perhaps politic itself should be defined before going forward, since you appear to toss it around like the word has no value whatever;politics, and the governments and laws resulting from politics are supposed to be reflections of our deepest values, and both the cultural and a personal level. This is why morality and law are so often linked. Indeed, I have made the point that they are inexorably linked. So, too, is religion linked. That’s because religion, is supposed to be DRIVING our deepest values.

The values generally expressed and demonstrated by the left of late are particularly UNamerican in nature. As an example, in your own words:

Specifically, I would say that liberals do a better job of recognizing that much as we may love America there’s something arbitrary about it — we’re just so happen to be Americans whereas other people are Canadians or Mexicans or French or Russian or what have you.

Utter crap. I have no kinder words for it. For all of the protests about overt nationalism the left offers up, the fact is you’re diving closer to the working definition of nationalism here than anyone on the right that I’ve ever heard speak on the subject. Anyone who can mouth that nonsense clearly hasn’t a clue what patriotism is all about.  It’s the kind of non-thought that  leads one into the eventual illusion that government largess is ‘charity’ for example.

Leftists particularly find troublesome in their worldview the concept that  American exceptionalism is valid… and Americans are unique both currently and historically, being the first to recognize the rights of the individual to the degree that we have. In that recognition, we were also the first to remove ourselves from the yoke of hereditary government, and government which does not represent us, to the situation of government by the governed. To the degree to which we have managed to keep the left (As in, people like Yglesias) out of governmental roles, is the exact degree to which we’ve managed to maintain that government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Your comparison to other countries falls on it’s face because you fail to reckon with those factors.

And, Matt? If you cannot grasp the implications of all of this, you’re about what I figured you to be.

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