Why does the left block US energy development? The answer is their value system is different from the mainstream of the country. But the left’s blocking energy development costs all of us.

Case in point. Do you know how much oil shale is in the US? Eight times as much as the Saudi Arabia reserves. 2118 Billion barrels vs 267 billion for the Saudis. But the democrats block its development.

Nuclear power? The democrats have been blocking the building of nuclear power plants for over 30 years.

Offshore drilling, ANWR drilling? The left don’t even want to debate it.

Wind power? The left blocks that. Just ask Ted Kennedy what he thinks about wind power. Though in the thoroughly conservative Texas, we are developing the country’s largest wind power project.

So as you pay more at the pump, realize that you are paying extra to support the liberal’s values. Of course if you don’t like paying the extra, you can vote republican and throw the democratic bums out.

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2 Responses to “Why is the Left Blocking US Energy Independence?”

  1. Neither party has done enough to solve the energy crisis. Both parties have been playing politics rather than governing. We need to rise above partisanship on the energy issue or the American standard of living is gone.

    Polls have shown a majority of Democratic voters favor nuclear power. The Atomic Energy Act of 1946 was signed by Democratic President Harry Truman. A Democratic Senator just published an op-ed piece today supporting expanded nukes. It is true, however, that radical environmentalists have too much of a grip on today’s Democratic Party. Oil interests have been too powerful in Republican circles.

    The reality is that we need more drilling, more conservation, wind, solar, biofuels and nuclear to attain energy independence.

  2. Energy indepence is a laudable but not a realistic goal.  The benefit if increased energy production is an improve balance of payments.  Energy we produce will fuel our economy.

    Energy we save, will fuel the Chinese economy.  Take your pick.