One of the biggist liabilities that Barack Obama has, is the people who are already going to vote for him.  A case in point shows up in the Rocky Mountain News this morning, in an article by Daniel J. Chacon:

A college-age protest group that wants to camp overnight in City Park during the Democratic National Convention next month is going to have to find another place to sleep.

Mayor John Hickenlooper told radio host Mike Rosen, who writes a column for the Rocky, that Tent State University’s plans for a sleepover for as many as 50,000 protesters are out of the question.

The mayor also told Rosen that the city might turn on the sprinklers if the protesters don’t abide by Denver’s 11 p.m. curfew.

Councilwoman Carla Madison, whose district includes City Park, said overnight camping is not an option.

“We want them to have a good, successful event, and we’re working with them to try to see what kind of possibilities can happen,” Madison said. “But I don’t see camping in the park as being one of those.”

Adam Jung, an organizer and spokesman for Tent State, could not be reached for comment.

Jung has said allowing camping in the park is the best way to “retain control over the entire event.” 

It amazes me, that these folks haven’t done some research into just how the election went down back in 1968, because of the nonsense leading up to that election. It seems clear that yhose who refuse to learn from history…. are leftists.

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