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So, Where’s the Apology, Mr. Murtha?

Hume, last night [1]:

Such has been the progress in Iraq that even Democratic Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania is not only not denying it but now admits it has worked.

Murtha, a longtime critic of the war, said last June that President Bush’s claims of progress from the surge were “delusional,” adding, “There’s no way you’re going to have success.”

But now he has told a radio interviewer in Pittsburgh, “I think in the short term it certainly reduced incidents… certainly the way they are doing it today makes a big difference.”

So is Murtha now a fan of our military operations there? Not exactly, since he attributes the success to the fact, he says, that we stopped breaking down doors and killing people.

As for political progress, Murtha claimed only four benchmarks have been met, despite a recent report from the administration that cited progress on 15 benchmarks.

This guy so very much needs to be removed from office. How about it, Pennsylvanians? Had enough, yet?  We have. How much longer are you going t inflict this moron on the rest of us?