• Supposedly, WordPress 2.6 is on it’s way. My guess is it’ll show up on the 4th or after.  We’ll see if I install it or not.
  • Prince Chuckles has converted his Aston Martin to run on English Wine.  I’ve driven an Aston-Martin, and have had English wine. The two are a natural for each other; Trust me on this one.
  • The difference between liberals and conservatives? When Conservatives find oil on their property, they drill for it. 
  • Meanwhile, oil consumption has fallen back to 2002 levels. In fact, word-wide demand has followed suit. And yet, no price drops.  Explain to me how this is all free market stuff and isn’t being manipulated, again.
  • Arthur Silber is a little creeped out by Obama fans. Well, look, I have to say I’ve always been a little creeped out by Silber, too. He’s an astute observer, but seems to have problems coming to grips with the implications of his observations. For example, is Silber still supporting Obama himself? The bid to recreate 1968 still goes on. Apparently the Democrats have decided to keep the animals in their cages for the duration. Yeah, like that’ll work.
  • Apparently Canadians prefer Obama to their own leaders. And we prefer they’d take him, and keep him.
  • Boortz notes that Obama’s flip flopping on issues rather a lot of late.
  • David’s noted this before, but there doesn’t appear to be anything getting done at Ground Zero. The reason? Government. Who runs the government in NY? Democrats.
  • Doesn’t it strike anyone as odd, that Clark, whose only claim to fame was that he as a general… albeit one that got his butt canned for gross incompetance… ran for president as “General Wesley Clark”, turns around four years later to question the idea that military service isn’t relevant and a great addition to a resume for someone running for POTUS?

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