• McQ notes that Wind power isn’t the Panacea that the left likes to make it out to be. He also make the rather obvious observation that there’s no real Democrat plan for our energy needs. Good that someone’s noticing.
  • Iraq has signed a $5BUSD contract with Boeing for commercial airliners. Hmmm.  Looks like the idea of the supposed ‘war for oil” is going further down the tubes.
  • Did you note this car lease of $1300 per month… at Government expense, currently held by Rep Laura Richardson?  She’s got a foreclosure going, too, that’s been in the news of late. But note that very few of the news stories surrounding this woman’s financial nonsense, ever mention she’s a Democrat./ Maybe they’re sheilding Democrats in the press, or perhaps with corruption of this scale, it goes without saying.
  • I rather expect this kind of sludge from Joe Klein and Time Magazine… It’s also uncomfortably close to Obama rattling on about how we should change our energy use to what the UN thinks is OK. But don’t say they’re biased, oh, no.
  • No, American left; America’s days are NOT numbered.
  • We’ve written about Rbt Mugabe in the past here. Interesting that the left in the west is starting to understand that their usual blather about this slime was dead wrong. Not that they’d ever SAY that, per se’. But there’s a change in attitude.  Now if they’d adopted this attitude years ago, a lot of lives could have been saved.
  • Interesting artcle emailed me by a erader, written by Marty Feldstien. We can lower oil prices now, says he.
  • Speaking of energy, I got a note in the mail over the last few days from Andrew Peters from “The Wilderness Society” over ANWR. Of course he provides all the usual excuses about why we shouldn’t be drilling there.  I told him:

    Extremist Environmentalists such as your group bear direct responsibility for crippling America. Fortunate we are that the American people are starting to catch on to the damage you’ve caused. Hopefully, they’ve not caught on too late.

    I suppose I won’t be hearing from him again.

  • Got a note as well, from the Reagan Foundation. Always nice to hear from them.
  • It’s the 4th tomorrow.  of course. I’ll have soemthing for then posted.

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  1. Nightly Ramble:Wind power, Iraq, Democrat Corruption, more