• A second place at OTB’s Caption Contest.  Guess Obama’s an easy target. At least Leno will have some fun if Obama wins.
  • So they tossed out Jackson’s fine for her ummm… “Wardrobe Malfunction’?  First, this does show, as everything else does, the uselessness of the FCC. But the real killer here is someone actually argued it was an accdient and some idiot wearing a robe agreed with them.
  • I commented the other day about how Toyota was moving out of California… too much liberalism. can’t run a profitable business there. Now the AAA is doing the same… moving out of California, because of the costs involved. Last sane person out of California, turn the lights out, OK? Oh, wait… you won’t need to, I think.
  • Add Rick Moran to the reaction list on the McCain op-ed rejection by the New York Times I mentioned this morning.

    “The Times is dying. And the story of John McCain’s discarded op-ed is one of the big reasons why.”

    No kidding. This incident may be the tipping point on a great many things, the election itself not the least of it.

  • One of the big deals of the social left, particularly those who love poking fun at Christianity is those who predict the end of the world and then when the end doesn’t come, adjust their timetable accodingly.  Funny how the idea of peak oil gathers so much credit among these people, given that when peak oil didn’t come, they had to re-adjust their timeline accodingly.  The really funny thing is they never notice the parallels.
  • Saw this about a cancer pill this monring. Interesting, but we’ve heard this before. We’ll see, I guess.
  • Heh. And I’ll bet he still has a bug problem.
  • 800,000bbls per day from ANWR… had Bubba not tossed that veto. Think that’d help? Pelosi doesn’t care. Perhaps it’s time we sent her a message, along with the rest of the Democrats?

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