• I have to wonder if the mostly manufactured response over Gramm’s comments as I mentioned this morning, isn’t an effort to squelch the noise over Jessie Jackson’s call to castrate Obama.
  • Ya know, speaking of Jackson… I had a passing thought last night about him, while reading this. No, really. And the line of thought was, look, Jackson’s pissed because he sees Obama as busting up gravy train. Jackson’s made a career out of the message of victimhood. Obama’s doing better than Jackson ever did, while not playing victim, for now. So, with the link, Mother nature will not die, but the financial stranglehold of the Gaia worshipers will. Maybe that’s why theiir tone is so simlar.
  • Speaking of that, you can tell that they know they’re losing when this come up with nonsensical arguments like this one. I have to tell you Boortz nails this one, this morning:

    Democrats understand that there is a strong likelihood that oil prices will drop – perhaps a lot – if the United States announces that we’re opening up ANWR, the Florida Gulf Coast, the outer continental shelf, the oil shale lands out west and other areas to oil exploration and recovery. OPEC countries would immediately put downward pressure on prices in hopes that they could derail or forestall the new American effort. Democrats also know that the voters in this country have this nasty tendency to blame – or credit – the party controlling the White House for good and bad economic news. Democrats won’t do anything that might allow the Republicans to look good … even if you have to pay five bucks a gallon for gas.

    And let’s remember who is really responsible for the price hikes, here. Democrats… as you see in the graphic David posted from See-Dubya yesterday.  Of course, they’ll never mention this because simply put they have no rational excuse for it.

  • BEER!
  • I see McCain picked up another $22M last month. He’s got $95M in the bank, now. Combine that with the $68M the RNC has, and you’re talking a fair bit of change. These are figures Obama can’t compete with. Last I saw the figures (Which admittedly may ahve changed since last I looked) most of the money was coming from sub-$1000 donors.
  • OK, granted, this is an issue. But is anyone under the ilusion that this is anything new? That this is news?  Why?  Oh, yeah. Election year, and they’re trying to pin blame on Republicans. I keep forgetting.
  • Similar reasons behind all the “Woe is me” posting going on around the sphere today, and in the op-ed sections about the suppsoedly crappy economy, on the heels of the markets dropping below 11000. For about 10 minutes.  Of course since they were written about mid-day, right in the midst of that low, they couldn’t possibly have told you that the market rebounded to about 11220, and then settled down at around 11130, and in total only lost about100 pts or under 1% for the day.   The reading over the last  10 days shows an overall loss of 126.28 pts or 1.12% of the total. Over the last six months, the totals are off by 122.78 or 1.09%.  Similarly, the totals for the lst year’s worth of trading shows a loss of 124.65, or 1.11% of market value.  Now, f you add in the numbers for the year before that, the numbers don’t change at all… 124.74 is the loss… or 1.14%.  In other words, today was no great shakes. So much for the end of the world. Look; I’m not blowing sunshine into your cavity, here.  But qut with the nonsense about how it’s all crashing around your ears. It’s not. It’s just not.
  • Go to maps.google.com. Go to a major town. Or, say, you can go to Rochester NY, which is as close to my hometown as no matter. Find any street wrapped in blue on the map and go to street view.Poke around with the controls provided you.  Rather cool, I think.  In the pic I’ve posted here you can see how they do that. I had an idea it was something of the sort.  Now, check this Daily Mail article where the pic comes from.  Sorry, I don’t see this as being a major problem.  I mean, are we worried that your car is going to be photographed in the driveway of your paramoor for your wife to find? Are you sunbathing nude in the front yard?  Come on, gang. You’re not going to see anything here you won’t see on the street. Often, you’ll see less… the photography isn’t all that high a resolution. Go and play with the thing and see if you don’t agree. Let us know. I’m sorry, gang… I don’t see this as an issue.  I just don’t.
  • Just a word of advice to the moron calling himself PZ Myers: I’d not worry about the death threats. After what you’ve done it’s what comes after you die that should be of greater concern for you. To the rest, Confederate Yankee can give you a little background.
  • Finally, have you visited Conservative Grapevine lately?

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