• CW holds that when the economy is down, movie houses don’t do well. So why’d we have the biggest weekend ever at the movies last weekend? Something isn’t quite up to what the Democrats and their MSM minions are advertising.
  • Yet another Obama gaff, and one the MSM will never report: “The bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor”?  That was the one the Germans dropped, right? Someone get Brother Bluto on the phone.  How can we not elect someone with this ummmm unique sense of history, to the office of POTUS? Sheesh.
  • Andy Dick and drugs? Hmmmmm….  And pulling her top down to have a look? The ‘vcitim’ was ‘ traumatized ‘? More likely, she was annoyed because she didn’t get paid and saw an opportunity to cash in. I mean I’m not defending Dick, here, whose antics in the past have labeled him as… well… a dick… but comon, gang… this is LA we’re talking about, here. 17 year old street walkers and 17 year old groupies, are less rare than some would have you thinking.
  • It’s true, Billy. I’d also suggest looking at what Churchill had to say about our Muslim brethren.
  • Oh, speaking of Billy, I wrote yesterday about the storm he caught day before yesterday, AND yesterday. Turns out that storm yesterday really screwed things up in Naples, NY, too.. something on the oder of 2000 customers were on candle power as a result of the one I spoke of in yesterday’s Ramble.
  • Finally, to Billy a comment;  Yes, Den Beste may get the relationship of Religion to simple delusion wrong. But, by God he’s got the rest of it right, pardon the pun.
  • And while I’m thinking along those lines, let me state this flatly;There is no climate crisis, people. None. You’re being scammed. Here’s the numbers. Turns out the UN inflated the CO2 numbers on the order of 2000%  This is what happens when scammers gain the power of government.  John Tierney at the New York Times wonders why Al Gore is hurting his cause with Junk Science. The answer is one he won’t be happy with; It’s because the very basis of the global warming scare can be found in lesser amounts on any stable floor.  It’s total crap. The one thing driving Gore is his own profit and power. It doesn’t hurt Gore’s purposes that there’s a googly number of insufferable pantloads willing to go to bat for him. But the facts are there, and there’s only one conclusion to draw; the faster we get Gore and the AGW nonsense on the ash heap of history, the better mankind will be for it.
  • The price of oil is in an extended fall, just as I told you it would be… and WHEN I told you it would be.
  • Speaking of oil prices and so on… here’s the Irony of the Day…. I see the plant that makes the Prius out in the bay area is shutting down. They’re moving it all to Missisippi. Why? In the end it comes down to one thing; Less liberalism.
  • Chuck notes the rebuilding of Iraq
  • The gloom and doom surrounding banks may not be as bad as the left would ike us to beleive.
  • Remember those JibJab folks? They did it again.
  • Tony Snow’s funeral was yesterday. I’ve not said much about his death, preferring to sit back and watch developments, save for mentioning the left doing their usual class act.  I’m going to tell you something, though, that you may not have considered; Tony Snow and his very Reaganesque attitude on life in general,  and his ability to transmit that attitude to his viewers, was one of the biggest reasons Fox News made the bigtime.  You watch the other folks on Fox; the next several months; the ones who most closely emulated Tony in this, or at least shared his attitudes on things… and his ability to impart that attitude… are the ones who draw the largest followings.
  • This is going to be an interesting august if Denver is half as fun as what the billing makes it.
  • So, the government thinks Tomatoes are OKagain? Gee, that’s very reassuring, particularly since they’ve still not ID’d the original cause of the problem.Almost as if actual thought wasn’t part of the process.  They saying now it’s the peppers. Well, yeah… I mean, didn’t anyone notice that Italian food wasn’t affected, but rather the Taco Bells and such?
  •  More doping charges in theTour de France.
  • And finally, this week, we see where Hillary Clinton has gone to GoDaddy and snapped up HRC2012.com. The implications here are both expected and interesting. James has this one.

Have a great weekend.

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