• Hey, Bruce… I would argue they ARE in fact consumer driven, and have been so, all along. Consumer demand for Altoids boxes on wheels has simply not been there, and so they didn’t get built.  Couple that with the idea that even with prices for fuel being what they are just now, for most people, the savings in fuel costs don’t come even close to outweighing the cost of a new payment book for a smaller car, which traditionally do not outlast such payment books, and the demand STILL isn’t going to be there. The American consumer isn’t quite that stupid.  I’d back that with the results of a poll done by Pew Research, which reports that more people back more drilling, than do ‘conservation’.  what does this say for the chances of the Democrats and their current position on such matters, and their culpability for our current situation? Almost makes the President’s call today for Americans to pressure Congress on the matter, just so much noise. Almost. I tell you, gang…There’s a flamethrower about to be placed under the as of Congressional Democrats.  Just in time for November.
  • I note with some amusment, Hinderaker at Powerline  putting a cap on the Clark thing.  He’s right, of course. The guy needs to be someplace nice. He needs to be watched over. Sedated, possibly.
  • Starbucks is falling on hard times, apparently closing 600 stores, and dropping 12,000 baristas from it’s payrolls.  Gee, big shock, that. Their coffee is one of the few things I buy of late that’s more expensive  than gasoline. Starbucks stockw as up on the news… and one supposes will be for a while.  But this will damage them in the end, I suspect.
  • Glad they caught this bit of slime. Just think; if one of the dead had a gun to hand…
  • Radio Equalizer saysLimbaugh’s signed a great contract… $400M is the figure Drudge is tossing around. LOL… Good for you, Rush.  Let’s be clear about this; the reason he’s getting the money, is he gets the listeners. The lack of that abiilty is why Err America is stuck on rimshotters, and is basically walking dead.  I cannot imagine though, that this isn’t going to come up in the push for the ‘Fairness” doctrine.  Interestingly, the JammieWearingFool notesthat the stroy so shocked the New York Timesthat they didn’t have time to create a hit peice, but rather simply ran the story. A historic day, this.
  • Boortz has started a list of issues that Obama has flip-flopped on. Michelle has, as well.
  • Did you notice that progress is being made in Iraq?  I’ll write about this in more detail this weekend, but this is yet another example of Democrats not accepting good news from Iraq, even when they asked for it.
  • I told you this bit with Microsoft and Yahoo wasn’t over. I was right.
  • Apparently, someone went round a bunch of houses in Houston last night, dropping copies of the Koran on doorsteps. Wonder how many of them ended up being burned, dropped in the trash or the crapper? We’ll hear all about the Muslim outrage over the weekend, I’m quite sure.

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