• Apparently, anti-war protestors have worn out their welcome in Canada. Remember, I’m within earshot of most of eastern Canada, and I’ll tell you the big concern is the amount of money such people won’t be paying for healthcare services, which are already in short supply up there.
  • I see AOL finally served a purpose. Now, if we can just get penis enhancement ads out of my Mom’s mailbox…
  • An unusually strong reaction form the WaPo yesterday, to Obama’s statements about Iraq. It doesn’t quote well, so I’ll just have you read it.
  • How to hide the homeless during the Democrat party convention?
  • When asked why he hasn’t been telling Americans to drive less and so on, Bush had the proper response.  Question; Where the hell has this Bush been and why have we been sadled with the other one for so long?
  • Speaking of oil prices and such, I caught some hell in the feedback the other day for saying we are not in a resession.  Turns out the Fed agrees. Yes, there may well be one on the horizon. But it’s not here yet.  That said, I suggest the whole thing can be averted by congress committing to drilling domestically…. NOW, since the vast majority of the problems currently have to do with the artificially high price of oil.
  • And a random thought;  How about using old Military installations for refining purposes? They’re usually big enough, and being federal land, they’re also beyond the ability of local zoning boards to NIMBY. Be kinda nice having such places working for our security, again.
  • Hume says he’s stepping down as of the end of the year. There’s a fair amount of reax, inclduing the knuckle-dragging crowd at “Think Progress”.  Classy bucnh that.  Without the C. Have they forgotten that Rather’s a short timer?
  • VW has a new plant going up in Tennesee. Apparently they’re not overly worried about gas shortages
  • If you can’t get ’em to agree with you, try to silence them with the power of government… typical leftist ploy
  • Any Railfan will tell you the same thing, Billy.
  • Jon Stewart, who I usually have no use for at all, flirted with the snark of the day with “Obama is not upset about the cartoon that calls him a Muslim extremist. Who gets upset about cartoons? Muslim extremists.” Sorry, no link. Came in the mail.


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