A while ago, I asked how the Democrats planned to deal with all the whack jobs showing up to the convention in Denver, saying at least some of that was bound to be broadcast and therefore be a topic of discussion.

They appear to have found a way to deal with it. David Kuhn at The Politico:

Major television networks are considering curtailing coverage of the Democratic National Convention after Monday’s announcement that Barack Obama will accept his party’s nomination in a Denver stadium.

According to several broadcast executives, the networks will still cover all the major speeches. But beyond that, all options are open as they look for savings to balance out the anticipated costs surrounding the stadium event. The acceptance event is an unexpected departure from the traditional convention hall format for which they have spent months planning.

So, aside from the allousions to JFK, ( a politically desireable picture of Obama doing a little Choir Preaching) that stadium speech will apparently also serve the purpose of diverting news media attantion away from the politically undesirable picture of caged moonbats who will be protesting against everything at the convention.

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