Yes, as you can doubtless see, we’re changing the basic layout.

I’ve found a template I can work with, and will be doing that for a few days. Mostly I’m trying to bring the color and font setup over from the old template while allowing the tech additions the new one allows. The old template was based on WordPress version 1.5, and a lot of changes have happened since then…. it took a fair amount of upkeep. This new one looks like it’ll be easier for me. As for looks; eh….  It’s getting there.  Meanwhile, pardon our dust.

Authors; Your new column width is around 900 pixles.  I’m working on that, too.

Addendum: (Bit)

Never mind. Turns out there’s a couple problems with the new one that I have to fix before I can put it online, one of them being the CSS feed routing, and the other being an issue with the sidebar code.

Made a good start on it, though. Meantime, back to normal.

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