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BO Out of Touch

Jim Rutttenberg, New York Times [1], is shocked that John McCain is painting BO as ill-informed, arrogant and out of touch:

WASHINGTON — After spending much of the summer searching for an effective line of attack against Senator Barack Obama [2], Senator John McCain [3] is beginning a newly aggressive campaign to define Mr. Obama as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for the presidency.

The truth hurts, Jim.  Watch BO open mouth and insert foot, video:

John, Powerline [4], sums up BO:

Obama is a curious case. He gives the impression of being an intelligent guy, but through his unscripted comments we have learned that he knows little about history, science or mathematics. He also seems rather shockingly short on common sense, as this most recent gaffe illustrates

My Ninty-Seven Jimmy needed a tune-up every one hundred thousand miles.  I drove it nine years and it needed one tune up.   So what does BO drive, a Model T?

American motorists are paying over four dollars a gallon for gasoline, and BO offers utterly no hope that he either wants to bring down the cost of driving or is capable of it, evem if he were so inclined.   Properly inflating tires might save a few million barrel of oil  The estimates of oil shale reserves run to the trillions of  barrels.   Take you pick.