Dr. Rusty Shackleford, Jawa Report, links to an Associated (with terror) Press snuff film:

AP Stringer Stands by as Taliban Murder 2 Women, Gets Snuff Footage [UPDATE: Worse than Bilal Hussein!][UPDATE: Confirmed: Took Video of Murder]


  • The victims’ alleged crime was prositution.  So when did sex work (Mrs. Clinton’s lingo) become a capital offense?
  • So when were the women given their day in court?
  • Why does the AP describe the cold blooded murder of two women as an execution?
  • Soldiers have no right to summarily kill non-combatents.  Where is the cry over war crimes?
  • The AP whore,  Rahmatullah Naikzad, seemed have advanced knowlege of the women’s intended murder.   Naikzad made no effort to stop the murders.  Is it AP’s policy to employ people who aid and abet murder?   If so why?
  • What have I over looked?

Good work Rusty.

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